He’s unfortunate because of all the kids whose moms and dad’s have been together for years. He will miss out on that special relationship between a husband and wife. Children need that. The children of divorce miss out too. Our culture has a huge problem today. It lacks support for the nuclear family we used to have and invests far too much in everything anti family ie same sex ‘marriage’, cohabitation, divorce.

What you do is YOUR business. The gay lifestyle isn’t a healthy one and you’re bringing a child into that world. What would you think of coming to terms with your own disordered attraction rather than introducing him to it? Parents are a mom and dad. It’s a shame we have so many children missing out. I wonder what future generations will look like given the culture we have today?

What Henry is saying is let’s trade out one bad outcome-divorce-for another, same sex ‘marriage’ and call it ‘lucky.’ IDTS. The kids who are really fortunate are the ones who have a mom and dad raising them.

Post Script:

I’ve been giving marriage and divorce some thought today. The question i have is, what changed? My parents were married until the day they died and that was 60+ yrs. Same with their parents.  Nobody thought that was unusual or extraordinary. I’m not saying we didn’t acknowledge the years of sacrifice and giving that went into it but it wasn’t like wow, they stood out from everyone else. It was the rule, not the exception. I went into my marriage believing it was for life. It wasn’t a try out or let’s see what we can do if it doesn’t work out. I can of course attribute my parents and grandparents solid marriages to their Catholic faith too.  We were brought up with that foundation and it made a big difference in a lot of ways.