He’s unfortunate because of all the kids whose moms and dad’s have been together for years. He will miss out on that special relationship between a husband and wife. Children need that. The children of divorce miss out too. Our culture has a huge problem today. It lacks support for the nuclear family we used to have and invests far too much in everything anti family ie same sex ‘marriage’, cohabitation, divorce.

What you do is YOUR business. The gay lifestyle isn’t a healthy one and you’re bringing a child into that world. What would you think of coming to terms with your own disordered attraction rather than introducing him to it? Parents are a mom and dad. It’s a shame we have so many children missing out. I wonder what future generations will look like given the culture we have today?

What Henry is saying is let’s trade out one bad outcome-divorce-for another, same sex ‘marriage’ and call it ‘lucky.’ IDTS. The kids who are really fortunate are the ones who have a mom and dad raising them.

Post Script:

I’ve been giving marriage and divorce some thought today. The question i have is, what changed? My parents were married until the day they died and that was 60+ yrs. Same with their parents.  Nobody thought that was unusual or extraordinary. I’m not saying we didn’t acknowledge the years of sacrifice and giving that went into it but it wasn’t like wow, they stood out from everyone else. It was the rule, not the exception. I went into my marriage believing it was for life. It wasn’t a try out or let’s see what we can do if it doesn’t work out. I can of course attribute my parents and grandparents solid marriages to their Catholic faith too.  We were brought up with that foundation and it made a big difference in a lot of ways.

Neither a Putinoide or Zelenskyite ( & I STILL respect Mark Levin)

When Russia first invaded Ukraine i agreed 100% with Mark Levin that we should support Ukraine. Biden is a weak and feckless person in the Oval office. He stepped up when it was too late to make a difference. His weakness gave Putin the green light. Putin never made a move when Trump was in office. Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal highlighted the kind of leader he would be. Biden has no foreign policy doctrine. He does not know what he is doing. Biden is clueless about anything but especially foreign policy and overseas conflicts.

Now i’ve had to rethink our position with Ukraine. We’ve been sending them billions every month and to me it looks like we’re pouring money into a black hole. Where is the accountability? When did the American people get to sign up for this? It would be nice if someone-our reps for instance-would tell us what is going on here.

I’m no fan of Putin. He’s a KGB thug. Always has been. Biden targets his opponents with the DOJ and FBI.

Putin has his opponents assassinated. They both have the same goal;dispose of your opponents. They just have different ways of doing it. Putin can even reach his opponents overseas and have them killed. It’s not beneath him to have people poisoned.The Russian military has been committing war crimes. They have no problem attacking civilian populations including men,women and children. Putin has let them obliterate cities. He’s permitted them to capture and cruelly torture civilians. He denies it of course.

Maybe Zelesnky should have worked out a deal with Putin and spared his people a great deal of suffering. The Ukrainian cities might not be rubble today. You hate to have any country capitulate to a tyrant but sometimes you have to be realistic. Sometimes the worst way out maybe the best option you have.

When Zelensky thought he could persuade us to do a first strike on Russia that was the last straw. Who does this guy think he is? Keep in mind while all this is going on Ukraine is not a member of NATO. What obligation did we have to defend his country anyway?

I’m sorry but i disagree with Mr. Levin now. I’ve had a change of mind since Russia first invaded. Believe me in the beginning i was 100% behind our support of Zelensky. i was hoping Biden would arm them right off the bat; short of direct military involvement and a no fly zone in Ukrainian air space i was of the mind whatever they needed to defeat Russia. We moved too slow. We were too indecisive. We did not give them what they needed either.

Putin should have never invaded in the first place but Putin does what Putin wants. People made a huge mistake putting Biden in office. If Trump were there instead we might not be having this debate.

It’s difficult to get a totally accurate picture of what is going on over there. We can’t trust the Biden administration and our media is a joke. It’s not like our intel agencies have done the best job over the years either. I know one thing that would be very helpful. Tell Biden to shut the hell up. Serious.He can make a bad situation worse in all of 5 minutes.

If Putin gets desperate there’s no telling what he would do. The Russian military is as brutal as he is. They have targeted civilians, infrastructure, buildings that shouldn’t be touched. These targets are not collateral damage. The military intended to strike them. You don’t really win a war this way. You can only win a war by defeating a military and having them suffer enough damage they can no longer protect their own government. Putin doesn’t understand this?There have been mass graves exposed and reports of rape and torture. They’ve neve heard of the Geneva Convention? We can hope they will be tried for war crimes. I don’t understand why Zelensky didn’t take all this into account and try for an agreement to spare his country and people. I can tell you one thing Zelensky should never have done. What was he thinking when he expected us to do a first strike on Russia getting us directly involved in a war with that country?

Sorry Zelensky, we stand on the side of freedom but we are not the lapdogs for any world leader. We should have used the billions we sent Ukraine for Humanitarian Aide and the refugees. Our goal should have been to get Ukraine’s citizens out of harm’s way and find some way to negotiate with Putin.

Biden is the worst person possible to handle this mess. Biden is the worst person possible to be sitting in the oval office. His administration is too busy and pre-occupied with attacking Trump and his supporters; for that matter anyone he deems an opponent. and is not taking care of matters that affect our citizens. The only difference between Putin and Biden is a matter of degree. Putin will do anything to stay in power. Biden will do almost anything to stay in power even if it’s unconstitutional and illegal.

They need to keep Biden from speaking privately or publicly about the conflict in Ukraine. He makes matters worse and more dangerous. i also think unless the American ppl support our assistance to Ukraine it’s time to put a stop to it. I’m not a Putinoide. For me, it’s America First-what is in OUR best interest-then helping the Ukrainian people as much as possible.

I still think highly of Mr. Levin. I totally respect him and his opinion but on this one i have to disagree. i was all on board in the beginning and not so much anymore. There’s no good outcome that i can see unless we get some exceptional negotiations underway.

WATCH: FBI arrests another pro-life activist in front of family – Nwo Report

Posted BY: WNDOn the heels of a massive FBI raid to arrest a pro-life sidewalk counselor in Pennsylvania, the Biden Justice Department has arrested 11 activists for their part in a peaceful “rescue” protest in which they blocked access to an abortion clinic in Tennessee.The dramatic arrest Wednesday of one of activists, Paul Vaughn, was captured by his wife, who can be heard pleading with four heavily armed agents for an explanation. She wanted to know why they had come to their home with guns drawn in the early morning hours, banged on the door and put her husband in handcuffs in front of their children.