Vote Herschel Walker. Let’s Talk About This

They’ve done it to darned near every black conservative that has ever ran for or been appointed to office.

I supported Herman Cain 100% when he ran for President. He would have been fantastic. The day he dropped out was heartbreaking. If Mr. Cain had been a liberal (regardless of race) it would never happened to him.

They did it to Clarence Thomas. Joe Biden in particular attacked him during the confirmation hearings. He was flat out nasty.

Now they have a target on Herschel Walker’s back. They’re trying to do the same thing to him. Herschel Walker has a past. He may or may not have done the things they’re accusing him of. i have no way of knowing or finding out if any of it is true. The media is corrupt and lies. They can’t be trusted. So i’m supporting the Herschel Walker we know today and know he’ll be a good Senator-far better than Warnock.

Senator Robert Byrd, Democrat, was an exalted cyclops in the Ku Klux Klan.

Senator Ted Kennedy was out with a young secretary late at night, no explanation and she drowned in a car accident with Kennedy at the wheel. She was left to die. Ted was well known as a pretty heavy drinker as well. I don’t know how true it was or wasn’t but that was his rep at the time.

Who remembers the young lady, Mary Jo Kopechne ? Didn’t stop him from running for Senate and didn’t stop the Democrats support for him.

I believe in redemption. i believe that anyone with skeletons in their closet can turn their life around if they choose to. Walker is the man he is TODAY. Warnock has his own issues and none of them are good. He hasn’t changed at all and would be the biggest mistake Georgia could make.

Who cares what the media says? Look what they’ve done to our country. Look how they covered for Joe and where we are now.