It’s Only Twitter Lunacy Folks

Before i do an update on the status of my twitter account have this to say. Truth Social is a far better platform. It takes the best features of Twitter and Facebook and combines them and leaves the garbage out. Love it there. Opinion only though. Give it a try at least and decide for yourself.

Now for Twitter. I’ve submitted an appeal for my permanent suspension; nice way of saying banned.

Support sent their standard; you have violated terms of service. DUH

i asked them to please send the tweet in question. They didn’t.

So i asked them what i was suspended for. They sent a standard reply back saying i had threatened or incited violence. You have to be kidding me?! I’ll admit i like trolling liberals when they attack Trump but i have never threatened anyone or advocated for violence.

It’s not that Twitter is that important. It’s the principle here. For anyone who has read enough of my blog and followed it for some time you are probably aware of times i have condemned all forms of violence.I would never advocate for violence. The only time it’s excusable at all is in self defense where your life or lives are in imminent danger. The threat has to be real, immediate and the outcome is going to be lethal. My husband would tell you i even have a canary about violent movies. The smut they have in movies today is outrageous. The gratuitous violence is out of control. Young adults are exposed to this crap? It can’t be mentally healthy for them. For anyone.

That i would threaten violence is laughable. I’ve been homebound for years with menniere’s disease. Then closer to some 2 maybe 3 yr ago (time can play tricks on us) my husband had a health crisis. Long story short he had 2 strokes and open heart surgery at the Cleveland Clinic to repair a valve. We’re not spring chicks either. A few months ago i had a knee injury that decided not to heal and i’m still in a wheelchair.Husband and i both shared the omnicron variant this year. Quarantined for 10 days. As a practical matter the last thing on my mind is violence and we don’t have a car to get us anywhere. Neither one of us drive. So the idea i would threaten violence i could never commit anyway (or have the time for) is lunacy. I went through my tweets and unless i missed one I couldn’t find a tweet that even comes close.

Support at Twitter is slower than molasses. They claim they will review the appeal. We’ll see. i haven’t heard a thing since i asked for the tweet where i did what i was accused of. So far *crickets.* Is their support dept even real? They all look like automated replies.

Catch you on Truth Social* at least. Favor though; since my entries are no longer being sent to Twitter, if you have an active account there could you please give any entry you read a tweet if you wouldn’t mind?

Please-i would greatly appreciate it. In the meantime will keep the status updated when and if it changes.

*Truth Social @ultramaga_boomer