Is Joe Biden REALLY the President?

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States on Jan 20,2021.

Do i consider him my President? No. Is it a moot point? Most likely but that doesn’t mean we have to disregard my argument why i don’t consider him legitimate. Donald Trump did not concede. He did not attend Joe’s ceremony either. Did we have a peaceful transfer of power? If you consider the riots of 2016 and 2020 and the 2 impeachments and other fake investigations of President Trump i’d have to say no it was not. Thank God Trump didn’t concede or attend the inauguration. Why give Joe a credibility he doesn’t deserve? I’m with the 45th President on that one.

Let’s suppose 2 teams are opposing each other on the football field and one team cheats but the referee and the sportscasters look the other way, pretending they didn’t see. In the end the cheating team ‘wins’ but what did you actually see? You saw a team ‘win’ that didn’t really win but was called for that team anyway.

Biden gives the big speech on unity while the media swoons and writes glowing reports of the days events.

What Joe didn’t explain is what HE meant by unity-you go along with me and we’ll call it unity.

How did Joe get there?

First the battleground states changed election laws and did so unconstitutionally in most instances. Those electors should never have been certified but Pence didn’t have the courage. He chose the status quo. It was easier for him.

Mark Zuckerberg & his wife Priscilla illegally donated 419 MILLION to local and state officials. What does 419 million buy for an election? My guess would be 2k mules and the necessary drop boxes to accommodate them. Was this 419 in Zuck Buck’s ever accounted for? He didn’t stop there either. As we learned from the man himself on the Joe Rogan Experience he worked hand in glove with the FBI because the FBI recruited him. Facebook buried the Hunter Laptop Scandal at their request. Twitter did also but i think they did so voluntarily.However, for all we really know the FBI worked with them too but we know for sure they censored the Biden Laptop Story. They eventually tried to claim it was Russian misinformation until they were forced to admit the truth that it was absolutely true. The FBI has sat on this laptop for 4 yr now.

The media handled Joe’s propaganda. He didn’t campaign. I stand by that statement.

It’s infuriating to me that while Joe was on the debate stage with Trump he openly said he was going to shut down our fuel industry-and now people are in disbelief at gas prices. He told us what he was going to do why should anyone be shocked?

Joe told the truth in that instance. On the same debate stage he flat out lied when he said he knew nothing and had no ties to Hunter’s ‘business’ dealings. Whenever he was questioned about his son’s business dealings he told the same lie. He was emphatic about it. INSISTED he didn’t. We’ve all seen the incriminating evidence since then; actual pictures and eye witness testimony from partner Tony Bobulinski .Yes, Joe is the big guy.He was selling out the office of VP to China, Russia and Ukraine and getting a 10% cut from Hunter for his favors.

The rogue corrupt President has no choice but to destroy Trump, his associates and friends. He can’t have the truth revealed or be held accountable.

We have no choice but to stop the destruction of our country by electing MAGA candidates and voting in numbers like they’ve never seen before. We need a red wave in the House and Senate both. They may not get as much done as we hope for-they can try-but they can at least put the brakes on Biden’s horrible agenda and pave the way for Trump in 2024.

In 31 days we can send the fake in the Oval office a message he can’t ignore.

Is Joseph Robinette Biden Jr really the President? Feel free to decide for yourself. i have.

Nov 7, 2020 A special thanks to our corrupt media