The Dark Pit of Ukraine

Keep in mind that i am not a pacifist (war can never be justified)or a neo-con(“might makes right”).

Putin is not the good guy. Russia invaded Ukraine. Ukraine did not invade Russia. Putin would never have made this move if Pres. Trump were in office. How do i know this? Simple, because he didn’t. (Even Rocket Man wasn’t firing rockets). You have to admit we were in a fairly peaceful world while Trump was in office.

Biden had the disasterous withdrawal from Afghanistan first and that made him look weak. Then he publicly gave Putin a green light to invade Ukraine. Maybe he didn’t do it intentionally and it’s possible he didn’t even mean it-we can give him the benefit of the doubt- but it wasn’t something he should ever have said.

He as much as said a minor incursion would be permissible. There was no other way to take it.

When Russia finally invaded Ukraine, as it was inevitable Putin would, i supported Ukraine totally. :I believed we should have sent them the arms they requested early on but opposed our direct involvement with troops on the ground or a no fly zone over Ukrainian air space.

However, as of today, i can say i think it’s time Ukraine attempted to get a peaceful settlement and probably should have done so sooner even if it meant capitulation. The first billion to Ukraine didn’t bother me but we’ve been sending over billions every month with no accountability. So where is this money we can’t afford going and for what? Meantime the loss of life is staggering and the infrastructure of most of Ukraine obliterated. The longer it goes on the more civilians are indiscriminately killed-with no winner in sight.Was this worth keeping Zelensky in power? Putin is a thug and his military is guilty of war crimes, but it may have been better to save as many Ukrainians as possible than to let the war drag out.

I do know it’s time to stop sending billions we can’t afford and prolonging the death and destruction. If Putin were willing to call a truce and Zelensky had to settle for an annexation of part of the territory maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take him up on the offer?l

It’s apparent i’ve gotten weary of the mess and am rethinking our unwavering but probably useless support of Zelensky. I say not one more dime with our own economy going over the cliff and what also appears to be an escalation of tensions between the U.S. and Russia. The American people didn’t sign up for another involvement. Personally i think whoever is calling the shots here better keep Biden out of the public eye when it comes to foreign policy. He blunders his way through every crisis and always says something incredibly stupid, confusing and dangerous. The Biden doctrine seems to be; how do i screw this up? No, i am not a Putin fan or Russian agent. i just know a really bad idea when i see it. Sometimes we have to be realistic. I’m on the side of why should the Ukrainian people have to suffer any more than they already have? I’m on THEIR side.

Besides, do you trust this administration to be telling us the truth? Our intel in the past was never anything to write home about. They got it wrong more often than not. Maybe we don’t know what we’re doing? Could that be a possibility?