The Dark Pit of Ukraine

Keep in mind that i am not a pacifist (war can never be justified)or a neo-con(“might makes right”).

Putin is not the good guy. Russia invaded Ukraine. Ukraine did not invade Russia. Putin would never have made this move if Pres. Trump were in office. How do i know this? Simple, because he didn’t. (Even Rocket Man wasn’t firing rockets). You have to admit we were in a fairly peaceful world while Trump was in office.

Biden had the disasterous withdrawal from Afghanistan first and that made him look weak. Then he publicly gave Putin a green light to invade Ukraine. Maybe he didn’t do it intentionally and it’s possible he didn’t even mean it-we can give him the benefit of the doubt- but it wasn’t something he should ever have said.

He as much as said a minor incursion would be permissible. There was no other way to take it.

When Russia finally invaded Ukraine, as it was inevitable Putin would, i supported Ukraine totally. :I believed we should have sent them the arms they requested early on but opposed our direct involvement with troops on the ground or a no fly zone over Ukrainian air space.

However, as of today, i can say i think it’s time Ukraine attempted to get a peaceful settlement and probably should have done so sooner even if it meant capitulation. The first billion to Ukraine didn’t bother me but we’ve been sending over billions every month with no accountability. So where is this money we can’t afford going and for what? Meantime the loss of life is staggering and the infrastructure of most of Ukraine obliterated. The longer it goes on the more civilians are indiscriminately killed-with no winner in sight.Was this worth keeping Zelensky in power? Putin is a thug and his military is guilty of war crimes, but it may have been better to save as many Ukrainians as possible than to let the war drag out.

I do know it’s time to stop sending billions we can’t afford and prolonging the death and destruction. If Putin were willing to call a truce and Zelensky had to settle for an annexation of part of the territory maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take him up on the offer?l

It’s apparent i’ve gotten weary of the mess and am rethinking our unwavering but probably useless support of Zelensky. I say not one more dime with our own economy going over the cliff and what also appears to be an escalation of tensions between the U.S. and Russia. The American people didn’t sign up for another involvement. Personally i think whoever is calling the shots here better keep Biden out of the public eye when it comes to foreign policy. He blunders his way through every crisis and always says something incredibly stupid, confusing and dangerous. The Biden doctrine seems to be; how do i screw this up? No, i am not a Putin fan or Russian agent. i just know a really bad idea when i see it. Sometimes we have to be realistic. I’m on the side of why should the Ukrainian people have to suffer any more than they already have? I’m on THEIR side.

Besides, do you trust this administration to be telling us the truth? Our intel in the past was never anything to write home about. They got it wrong more often than not. Maybe we don’t know what we’re doing? Could that be a possibility?

Mob Boss Joe.Captured on hot mic

they tried to impeach President Trump for what Joe Biden actually did
thanks to Joe Biden’s corruption, the corrupt FBI and Lying Media Joe was installed in the Oval. Wake up America! The FBI has the laptop. They know exactly what’s going on. Wray will never tell the truth.
The real Joe Biden. Very revealing isn’t it?

Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win

Joe sold us out to China. The Democrats have an agenda

Everything they accused Trump of, they did. FACT. Prove me wrong.

State Run Media is All In Now. The Mid Terms Are Coming!

We know that we can’t trust the legacy media at all or the least we should be extremely skeptical.Same for social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

They’re in cahoots with our federal law enforcement and the Democrat party. It’s now the month of October, the month of the October surprise. It means the Republican candidates are going to get hit hard especially the MAGA candidates.

Herschel Walker is running for the Senate. He was endorsed by Pres. Trump. The win of this Senate seat is critical to one of the 2 party’s having a majority. He’s moved up in the polls so they are desperate to take him out. They have pulled the usual. It’s basically the same narrative they pull on black conservative candidates. They did it to Herman Cain,making accusations you couldn’t prove or not prove.He chose to drop out. Herschel is determined to fight even harder. He has been accused of paying for a woman’s abortion around 15 yr ago.

Whether or not this changes your mind about Herschel Walker it takes a lot of nerve on the part of his opponents to use an alleged past mistake for something that is a religion to them-abortion. They support abortion on demand 100%. They may be trying to make this issue front and center. It does take a lot of nerve though since they think it’s so great. i don’t know whether this actually happened or not but i do know from her story she accused him of sending her money for it AFTER the fact meaning she had made the decision. We don’t know if he sent her the money or not or if he knew any money would have been used for an abortion. We don’t know if the story was verified before they ran with it but we do know most of the time they don’t bother.

I would stick with Herschel as long as the polling for him remains strong and he still stands a good chance of winning. IF internal polls show his support falling off they may want to reconsider staying in the race. I don’t know if he could be replaced []if necessary-i don’t know enough about Georgia campaign laws-but if that’s the case Vernon Jones has no skeletons in his closet. Vernon would be a strong candidate. As long as the polling stays up in his favor i would definitely stick with him.

Brian Craig laid out a case to stick with Herschel and lent his support on his 3 hr morning radio show/podcast.

I know this for sure. Warnock is a terrible candidate and we need this seat.I also know that the Democrat candidates are never held to the standard Republicans are. They circle the wagons. It’s time we did.

Has anyone noticed all the attack ads on Republicans. These smear ads are usually very effective. What i haven’t seen are counter ads.i believe that cost one of the candidates in the Republican primary. These attack ads have to be countered with an equal number of ads.

Boots on the ground are good for a candidate. On the other hand they run ads because they work.You tube reaches millions of people quickly.

The legacymedia runs interference for the Democrat party. There is nothing about Joe Biden that the media won’t cover up if it’s bad news. They will totally bury any story that might cause scandal. We all know Biden is mentally impaired. i don’t know what makes them think they can hide it.

Worse, he’s corrupt. Our FBI is corrupt. Our DOJ is corrupt. i don’t get how people could vote for the guy other than they didn’t know what they were getting. It’s the role the media played to keep the real Joe Biden under wraps and the October surprise on Biden was hidden by the FBI.Many of us knew what was up.. We didn’t get our information from the lying media. How on earth could anyone put their faith in a media that sold the public the Russia Collusion lie for 3 yrs?

IF you’re one of the people who listened to the lying media in 2020 could you explain why? You knew the Obama-Biden administration spied on Trump, falsely accused him of Russia collusion, set him up and tried to take him out. Our own FBI no less working with the Democrats. Our economy was doing fantastic and just starting to recover from the Covid epidemic. Who votes out a President when the economy is booming and the world is fairly peaceful for a change. When our country was not on the brink of some war or foreign conflict.You vote that guy out for a guy that openly says he is going to shut down our energy sector and raise taxes. A guy that is in obvious mental decline. A guy associated with an administration that spied on a political opponent. Maybe there were some things people didn’t know were going on but if we could find the info in spite of the media cover up why couldn’t you?

Let’s be honest here though. Not all the blame goes on those people when the Democrats, the media, the feds and social media corporations RIGGED the election, acted ILLEGALLY with regard to election laws in various states and covered for Biden. Truth: Biden may have been sworn in and occupies the Oval office but he is definitely an illegitimate President. The electors should never haven certified in the states where there were unconstitutional actions. Mike Pence didn’t have the courage to stand up for what was right.

Unfortunately some of our reps in Congress don’t have a spine. They figure as long as they’re going after Trump they’re not going after them. If the truth were again told it could be that some of those spineless Republicans were hoping for his downfall because they have their own agenda or political ambitions.

The Biden’s were totally exposed on Tucker. The media was totally exposed on Tucker. The corrupt FBI and Christopher Wray was exposed on Tucker. If you missed the segment watch it here:

The media runs cover while Joe heads off to Delaware .Count on the media cover for the Democrat candidates running now.

We can hope Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch uncovers their secrets.

“lunch bucket Joe” the media narrative. the truth: Quid Pro Joe

Bigger Truth: Trump should be in the White House now and WOULD BE were it not for the corrupt FBI, lying media and spineless Republicans. If we would have had a free and FAIR election in 2020 he would be there. #Trump2024

GET OUT THE VOTE 2022!!! We have to stop the mad destruction of our country and keep it safe until Trump returns in ’24. It can be done. Any Republican is better than these Dems at this point. We’ve gotten some of the RINO’s out. It will help.