Dear Liberals, Here’s A Question Just For You

Why are you here? I don’t mean why are you on my blog. I mean why are you here, PERIOD? You know,on the planet as a living human being?

It’s not a difficult question. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to come up with the answer. Simple: you were conceived. It’s how we all begin. You have to be conceived then born. You’re not conceived you aren’t here. There’s the truth, fact, scientific explanation. Life begins at conception. You say it’s YOUR body and you’re right.Yes it is. When a woman gets pregnant a life is conceived and through development over 9 months the woman gives birth to another unique human being; another body. The same way you got here. Isn’t it great that you are here and now you can defend a right to determine which life gets to survive or doesn’t?

You have the right to use your body as you choose as long as what you’re doing is not illegal. Abortion is not intended to take your life.YOUR right to life is protected. The whole purpose of abortion is to take the life of another human being. I had no idea that was a woman’s right but it’s good to become informed. It’s a little hard to call it health care when the end result is one life gets snuffed out. You get to leave the clinic and go on with your life. The other life that was conceived is over. Lucky you.