President Donald J Trump is Trending on Twitter

When Pres Trump is trending on Twitter that can only mean 1 thing-he’s gotten the base fired up and the liberals are having a hissy. He had an awesome rally in Warren, Michigan the other night. Of course that meant the other side had to make sure they got in to take their pictures of the venue either before or after the rally. There is a reason they do that. You wouldn’t want to guess what it is would you? If you said to allege that the crowd was small and his support is dwindling you would be 100% correct. Same old story from them. They don’t get that we’re onto it.

We’re all supposed to be fooled. Never works but that never stopped them from trying either.

Be prepared for the onslaught of racist & Nazi and when they want to throw in some big words you’ll see misogynist and xenophobe. When they want to get real nasty they’ll go for words like traitor, treasonous, criminal, sedition or insurrection. Some are going for the jugular asking what he’s done for the people of Florida. Isn’t that question supposed to be directed at the current occupant of White House, Joe, or is he back in Delaware again?

I’ll have to grab some of these tweets later on today and post them for your reading pleasure. This will go on for a few days. Trump has had a few rallies with large enthusiastic crowds. The J6 committee and the illegal raid on Mar A Lago was supposed to crush his base and it didn’t so they’re in a panic. In fact the more they attack him the stronger we get.Yes, Trump haters, the mid terms are coming soon and so is Trump’s formal announcement. They know it too.


How did “the big guy” do with his?

For the libs who don’t know “the big guy” is Joey.