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I know how Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton and won the election in 2016. What’s driving me crazy is how he lost in 2020 against Joe Biden? Who voted for this guy and for crying out loud, why? You would think Trump would carry the same states in 2020 as he did in 2016 and maybe add a few-not lose enough to lose the election. How do you beat a political powerhouse like a Clinton and lose to a loser like Joe Biden? The man barely campaigned. Ok, i get the media carried his water for him. Could that have done it? I ran into Biden supporters on Twitter but NEVER outside of social media. You ever bump into one of these 81 million people?

We know the Democrats voted for Biden. That’s a given. People usually vote party. No surprises there. There have been instances when enough people of one party vote for the candidate of the other party. It happens. The independents are often the ones who swing an election either way. None of this is surprising and doesn’t really answer the question. The possibilities are as follows.

1. enough Republicans voted Biden to swing it to Biden

2. the Independents broke for Biden

3. Trump lost the battleground states that made the difference in 2016

4. enough Republicans that voted for Trump in 2016 stayed home in 2020

The state that gave Trump the win in 2016 was Wisconsin:

Wisconsin (Trump by 0.8%) was the tipping-point state. Had Clinton won Michigan (Trump by 0.2%) and Pennsylvania (Trump by 0.7%), she would still have lost the Electoral College by 270-268.

So Trump won Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania in 2016 but Wisconsin was the clincher.

How’d it go in 2020 then? We know Biden won the key battleground states. It would be a shame if he won because some Republicans stayed home or voted for Biden. What about the independents? Who did they break for? Did they make the difference?

The six battlegrounds of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin certified their results for Biden as of November 30.

So those states won the election for Biden and some were states Trump carried in 2016.

Answers that question but it raises another question; if they voted for Trump in 2016 what happened in 2020? Some Republicans stayed home? Some Republicans voted for Biden? The Independents broke for Biden? Democrat turn out in 2020 was better in 2020 than 2016?

What’s especially puzzling is that more people voted for Pres Trump in 2020 than 2016 when he beat Hillary.

The battleground (aka swing)states seem to hold the key.

“Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin in the United States Supreme Court on Tuesday, Dec. 8, saying the four states exploited the COVID-19 pandemic to justify ignoring federal and state election laws and unlawfully enacting last-minute changes, thus skewing the results of the 2020 General Election”.


Texas Filing with Supreme Court; the lawsuit (pdf file)Click to access 5fd1bb8ea63ac.pdf.pdf

The Constitution is clear; ONLY the state legislators can set the election rules or change them.

One gets the impression the Democrats not only wanted to make it easy to vote-which is fine-they also wanted to make it easy to cheat . We’ve always tried to keep it to a minimum. We all know it’s going to happen; it doesn’t usually affect the outcome though [still a felony of course].Trump won the 2016 election, as much as the cabal tried to prevent it. They were going to make sure it didn’t happen again.

The battle ground states are where a candidate has to win. As noted,3 states made the difference in 2016. If you’re going to rig an election it’s not necessary to fix all 50 states. It only takes a certain handful.

It begs the question; are the Democrats corrupt and desperate enough to do that? Two words:Russia Lie.*Question answered. For that matter you could look at what they’re trying to do to keep him out of the 2024 election.

Let’s take a quick look at the Jan 6 event they’re investigating. Yes, delaying the certification of electors would have been unprecedented but so was the unconstitutional changes to election laws.

And Their Whole Objective Was…

Keep Trump from getting elected in 2016 and remove him from office if he was.We saw that and they meant by any means necessary. Who thinks they gave this up in 2020?Anyone believe their agenda to stop Trump, at all costs,changed in 4 yr or are giving it up for 2024? Let’s be honest. Joe Biden isn’t fit for office. These people are so hateful they don’t care. We’re on the verge of WWIII and they still don’t care. In fact if there were a nuclear attack the media would still cover for Joe and the liberals would buy whatever the media told them. We’re at least on the verge of economic collapse. The media is telling people Joe is doing a great job, orange man was terrible and they believe it’s true despite what they’re seeing. Some people want compromise between the Democrats and Republicans. They want a candidate who can bring the 2 sides together. Are they kidding me?

We’re looking at a party that embraces Marxism and they want us to compromise with that? Seems to me Venezuela went down this exact same road and now they’ll never escape from it. Can’t happen here? The Venezuelan people thought that too and look what happened to them. Once you’re under the iron fist of Marxism there is no easy way to get out, if you can at all. It’s just better not to go there in the first place.

The rallies are free. Nobody in the room paid a dime for their tickets.
74 million people hired him and we’re hiring him back in 2024

i find this particularly offensive because my father fought in WWII as i’m sure many Trump supporters had parents who did the same. It’s even more offensive because Israel had no better friend and ally in the White House than Donald Trump. Trump’s daughter, son-in-law and grandchild are all Jewish. An illegal alien is treated better than our own citizens but they are definitely not treated like the Jews of Nazi Germany. The problem is not their race, religion or ethnicity-it’s their status. They are here ILLEGALLY; meaning breaking our laws while other people apply legally and have to wait years following our laws. The only reason the Democrats want this invasion is to give these illegals amnesty so they can vote.PERIOD. If they [Dems] thought they [ILLEGALS] might vote Republican it would be a whole different story.

If you want to see real hatred, here is a Twitter feed for the Trump rally. When i was on Twitter and Trump was in the White House we put up with tweets like these every single day. One day it would be ‘impeach him’ trending and the next it would be people telling Trump to resign. Those were the mild attacks.Every single day the impeach or resign tweet would be trending. i am not exaggerating.

Twitter never suspended or banned anyone who attacked Trump or his supporters. i am banned but i can still embed THEIR tweets. Please share if you have a Twitter account. They banned me,but i’ll be darned if they are going to shut me up and let this nonsense escape.

They always say crimes but they never say what the crimes are and provide proof. President Trump gave up his salary as President. Doesn’t sound like a man intent on committing crimes. He could have retired & lived comfortably anywhere in the world. His crime was becoming President and standing up against the deep state.

See if Biden donates his own money. He’s in the White House, not Trump. BTW. Where is Joe?

Back in the basement in Delaware again? People in Florida would be suffering even if Trump were not holding a rally in Michigan. What is your point?

They’ve said this about every single Republican president ever elected but went over the top with it when Trump was elected. If she needs proof it can definitely be provided. Sheila also needs to know: 1. it’s not a crime 2. free speech IS part of the democratic process in our Constitutional Republic. We’re allowed to question elections and sometimes candidates themselves dispute the results.

Sheila missed all the Democrats saying Trump was a Russian agent and not a legitimate President. She definitely missed this one.

I haven’t missed watching a single Trump rally because he is none of those things and Biden was all of that but they keep it hidden.

Still wondering. Where are the 81 million people who voted for Biden and more importantly WHY? He seldom left his basement or take questions from the press and when he did he was already showing signs of mental decline. Was there something he did in his political career that ever made him outstanding? What about his agenda made him a good candidate? Can his supporters name 1 thing other than he wasn’t Trump? What did they REALLY know about Biden?


Please turn out the vote no matter what the polls say, favorably or not. Vote like your candidate is down 3 and get your friends and family out to vote! If your state allows early voting do so but if you can get to the polls it is always better. However you do it-VOTE! We have to vote in overwhelming numbers. There is no sitting this one out or the one in 2024. Polls don’t win elections. Never have, never will. It’s your vote that matters,not some skewed poll that may or may not be fake.

A word to the wise; if you hear any Democrat say we may not know the results for some time that is a red flag. Keep an eye peeled. Get your state to address election integrity. Paper Ballots and ID would be the way to go. We can always have allowances for people who honestly can’t vote in person.

Conclusion: remember Hillary and the Democrats were always claiming Trump didn’t win the election. They said he was illegitimate. They were part of the resistance, which was a hash tag that trended frequently on Twitter. Trump questioned the 2020 election and he was banned from all social media platforms including Twitter.

They hid the story on Hunter Biden’s laptop and when it was finally revealed AFTER the election it was labeled Russian disinformation-until people found out it was true. It may never see the light of day. The FBI is keeping it under wraps so people can’t see it.

The riot on J6 was not even close to an insurrection. The coup was plotted against Pres Trump back in 2015.None of the people-the violent offenders included-at the Capitol on Jan 6 were charged with insurrection because there was none. Trump told the crowd to march peacefully to the Capitol. Not once did he call for violence or disruptive behavior. I know because i watched the full rally on right here.Didn’t miss a word. I bet when the truth is finally revealed it will be found out to have been an FBI/Pelosi set up and a fed incited riot. Truth always finds a way. It will eventually come out.

Oddly enough the ONLY Trump associate who has not been called to testify for the J6 committee is Trump’s own VP, Mike Pence. He has not been targeted at all unlike many of the people in Trump’s cabinet. You would think he’d be the highest on their list.

They refers to all the people plotting against Trump aka the Deep State and Swamp. This includes the FBI, Clinton Campaign, Obama and Biden, the DNC,some Rino’s in Congress as well as the Congressional Democrats, Soros,[Mark]Zuckerburg with his ‘Zuck Bucks’ and some smaller fish down the chain.

and so did Biden

*Bet Trump makes his formal announcement for 2024 after the midterms!! Can’t wait.