Whatever Happened to Elon Musk & Twitter? Have A Favor To Ask You Folks

The only reason i went back to Twitter was the word was Elon Musk was buying it and things were going to change dramatically. It would actually become a free speech platform. It was for awhile. Now i find myself suspended PERMANENTLY  meaning banned. They did not send the tweets that i was suspended for-there was no reason given. i have a pretty good idea what did it but i can’t be sure unless someone at Twitter tells me. I doubt it matters though. i do know this-i was not threatening anyone or advocating violence.

I have my word press entries automatically posted to twitter. Now i will take it out because there is no account there under my username.So i have a favor to ask you folks. Could you please take a second after you’ve read an entry and click tweet if you have an account there? i refuse to let these people shut me up.I can’t tweet my own entries but YOU can.

I’m appealing the suspension but who knows when the appeal will be addressed or if it will do any good. i will be at Truth Social. It’s a much better platform and actually supports free speech as advertised but there are still a lot of good people at Twitter.

Whatever happened to the deal with Elon Musk? There were so many rumors it was hard to separate gossip from truth.

A big thank you to anyone who is willing to give the blog a tweet.. I refuse to allow Twitter to get the last word.