Biden Gets Wrecked By The Facts (Ep. 1860) – The Dan Bongino Show

Biden Gets Wrecked By The Facts (Ep. 1860) – The Dan Bongino Show

Maloni-the newly elected leader in Italy-is given the Trump nickname, Hitler. Pres Trump was the best friend Israel could have in the White House and he’s Hitler? His daughter, son in law and grandchild are all Jewish but he’s Hitler?

Where’s the congratulations for Maloni being the first woman prime minister of Italy?

The movement by the people of Italy resembles our own MAGA movement here. I’m hoping this is a precursor of things to come here in 2022 and 2024.

I have a question for the Biden supporters or the people who just voted for Biden for whatever reason, did any of you folks look into Biden very closely. He had a background you could check out. He’s spent years in politics[and nothing else btw] both as a Senator and VP for Obama. He was well known for lying even before his mental decline. If you doubt me all you have to do is look at the archives of media. LIBERAL media no less. They were fairly honest about Joe back when. They had nothing good to say about him. Boy, how things have changed since then! Maybe if you had known what you were really voting for you would have given it more thought.

Whatever Happened to Elon Musk & Twitter? Have A Favor To Ask You Folks

The only reason i went back to Twitter was the word was Elon Musk was buying it and things were going to change dramatically. It would actually become a free speech platform. It was for awhile. Now i find myself suspended PERMANENTLY  meaning banned. They did not send the tweets that i was suspended for-there was no reason given. i have a pretty good idea what did it but i can’t be sure unless someone at Twitter tells me. I doubt it matters though. i do know this-i was not threatening anyone or advocating violence.

I have my word press entries automatically posted to twitter. Now i will take it out because there is no account there under my username.So i have a favor to ask you folks. Could you please take a second after you’ve read an entry and click tweet if you have an account there? i refuse to let these people shut me up.I can’t tweet my own entries but YOU can.

I’m appealing the suspension but who knows when the appeal will be addressed or if it will do any good. i will be at Truth Social. It’s a much better platform and actually supports free speech as advertised but there are still a lot of good people at Twitter.

Whatever happened to the deal with Elon Musk? There were so many rumors it was hard to separate gossip from truth.

A big thank you to anyone who is willing to give the blog a tweet.. I refuse to allow Twitter to get the last word.

Biden Picking Up the Suburban Women’s Vote?

The Democrats aren’t hiding their intentions much anymore. They’ve gotten that brazen and arrogant.It’s obvious how they are framing the issues-or should i say issue-for the mid terms. Besides the usual story that the Republicans want to cut off Social Security and Medicare they are now focused on women’s rights meaning abortion on demand.

Biden hasn’t accomplished anything and the economy is on the verge of collapse, the stock market crashed and crime is running rampant and unabetted in Democrat run cities. There is no border anymore and we are being invaded.There is nothing for the Democrats to run on.

A Biden supporter on Twitter suddenly seemed very excited & tweets,

“BREAKING: Thanks to Women, President Biden’s approval ratings have jumped 10 points to 49%!!!”

Lindsey Graham decided there should be a bill

ban abortion nationally after 15 weeks.

.Now that Roe V Wade was overturned and sent back to the states Sen Graham proposed Congress should ban abortions at the federal level when the Supreme Court had just handed it back to the states. The idea was DOA. It didn’t have the votes but it handed the Dems something to run on. Abortion. I’m 100% pro life ( probably even stronger on the issue than Graham{) and i opposed this idea totally. i have no idea why Graham even brought it up when there wasn’t a chance it would go anywhere and the timing couldn’t have been worse. The Dems finally got the opportunity they were hoping for and the Senator handed it to them all gift wrapped.

They went crazy when Roe v Wade was overturned. They always believed if it ever happened abortion-God forbid-would no longer be legal. I wish the public was more on board with life than it is so we have to work with what we have. i’ve always believed we would make great strides only if we could convert hearts and minds. That is where our focus should be.

Biden jumped right on the issue. They are trying to convince women that the Republicans are going to take away their right to an abortion if they get elected in Nov. Now Biden says he will codify the right to an abortion. This is to get the Dem base fired up and sway voters who tend to think there are conditions where abortion is acceptable. I’m not going to jump into the abortion argument here. I am only focusing on the strategies the Democrats are going to use to campaign with; mostly because they have been forced into it. It has moved the suburban women to vote Democrat. If his approval rating honestly went up, this is why.

The Democrats will try to keep the focus on the abortion issue. It’s a distraction. They are going to frame the Republican pro life candidates as radical misogynists who will take women’s rights away. We will force women into having their babies. They will use the most extreme examples to illustrate why abortion must remain legal. The American people are worried about taking care of the families they have. The issues that matter to them are the economic collapse, stock market crash, rampant crime, the invasion at the border. They won’t shy away from the abortion issue. I make it clear i’m pro life. Life begins at conception and ends at natural death. i want the country to have the debate and the problem addressed at the state level. It’s why i opposed Lindsey Graham’s proposal and it’s why i oppose Biden’s-for the same reason.

I remember when my parents were living and the letter came from the Democrat party around election time. They were dyed in the wool Democrats. The letter said the Republicans were going to cut their Social Security and Medicare. They were retired. The letter petrified them. They worked hard all their lives. Now it was all they had to live on. i tried to get through to them they always got ‘that’ letter around election time. i hated how the Democrats scared them. It was needless worry. When the election was over the issue was dropped; their Social Security and Medicare still intact. Shock!

The abortion narrative is the same story in a different cover.

So what can the Republicans do? They have to take back the Democrats narrative or destroy it. i know it’s a monumental task with the media propaganda for Biden and his party but they have to try. i would make no apologies for being pro life but they need a powerful and HONEST response then leave it for voters to decide. i would encourage the American people [in each state where they can actually vote on the issue] to have dialogue and debate when it comes to abortion .As for the midterms they need to state our position then get back to the issues that affect EVERYONE.

Stay tuned for Part II this week!

The biggest problem we have is that the Democrats will say and sometimes do anything to win. They are radical, Marxist and violent. They have a very dark agenda for our country. We’re living through it. Biden is not the problem though. He’s just part of the problem. The Democrat agenda and Biden have no daylight between them.