🚨Pennsylvania, ⚠️WARNING⚠️Fetterman is 𝙍𝙀𝘼𝙇𝙇𝙔 Bad News 🆅🅾🆃🅴 Oz

As you are reading this keep in mind we don’t wish ill on anyone. It is not my purpose to belittle anyone with health issues. I kid a lot about Joe Biden but 1. he is the President* albeit only after being installed . We’ve always kidded a lot about all our Presidents & their foibles. 2. his cognitive disabilities are a matter of grave concern though, for all of us, because of the position he holds. My joking about Joe is one thing-his being in the Oval office is another especially because he has authority as Commander In Chief. All you have to do is think of the Afghanistan disaster to know there are consequences that go with his impaired judgement.

Let’s not make that same mistake by electing Fetterman. He not only has serious health issues his agenda is terrible. The things he would do to the state of Pa. and the country are devastating. He’s Biden all over again. i hope everyone understands that the media isn’t journalism-it’s propaganda. They are going to paint Biden in a favorable light no matter what happens. They’re doing the same for Fetterman. I talked about the Biden model in an earlier entry. I called it the Hidin’ Biden model. How does that work? Keep Joe in the basement. Limit the access of media to his campaign. Take no questions. One thing Joe did do was debate Trump but he had no choice. He was running for President. The media helped him get through the debates and made Trump look as terrible as they could. Fetterman is running for the Senate. There isn’t the pressure on him to debate like there is for POTUS so he got a break in that regard.

Rumor has it Fetterman has accepted the invite to debate but insists it wouldn’t take place until Oct. when voting would likely be more than half over. I’m sure his campaign is aware that it would be pointless.What really stands out in these mid terms is how many Democrats have declined a debate. It’s not just Fetterman. They’re all trying the Hidin’ Biden model? i hope we’re keeping an eye on the elections this time; be on guard against any shenanigans. The Republicans were not up to speed in 2020 when much of the activity was illegal, particularly in Pennsylvania.

Let’s take a look at what we do know about Fetterman and what everyone should know.

Fetterman suffered a stroke. You can tell some of his functions ie speech are impaired. His campaign hasn’t been the most forthcoming on information. If he were a private citizen it would be different You wouldn’t expect anyone to go public about their health. He’s running for the Senate. It matters.

We hope he’ll have a speedy recovery. We don’t wish him ill. Is he up to the job? Probably not.

Now for his agenda and that we can attack: cashless bail,defund the police. release violent criminals. He’s squarely on the side of the perpetrators and not the victims. It’s this kind of agenda that is fueling the horrific crime wave we’re seeing, mainly in the big [Democrat run]cities across the country. Trump was a law and order President. We could sure use that right about now. Fetterman is not on the side of the folks in Pennsylvania. He really believes in the crazy ideas of the left. We can’t have this; the one job of the government is to protect the citizens not let us live in a war zone where innocent people are assaulted, killed, robbed or raped. You’re ok with rampant crime and violent criminals roaming the streets, Fetterman is your guy.

Biden didn’t campaign with Fetterman. Don’t let that fool you. Whatever Biden wants Fetterman will give him. He was endorsed by Biden.

What about Fetterman’s background? What do we know about the man’s character?

He never held a job. His parents were wealthy enough to support Fetterman until he was well into his 40’s.Say what you like about Oz he attended medical school for 8yr and took up practice after graduation. He has a work ethic that Fetterman has no idea even exists. Fetterman knows as much about the private sector as Biden does. NOTHING. Joe Biden has been in politics forever. Fetterman has no idea how the economy works and he certainly has no real world experience of the consequences of bad government policy. I guarantee Oz knows more about how the economy works than Fetterman.

Our economy is already in trouble.

Let’s not give Biden the vote he needs to send us over the cliff.

The guy in the hoodie is bad news. You may not be crazy about Oz but he’s really not a bad choice. Was Oz my first choice? i won’t lie. He wasn’t. Was he on my ‘do not vote for him’ list? No. ( i always have lists)* I knew if he won the nomination in the primary i could vote for him in the general. We cannot afford to stay home. What a mess we are in. The only way to start climbing back is to stop Joe. He’ll probably veto every bill the Republicans would send up to him so they really can’t do much legislatively [until Trump takes back the White House] but they can slow down the damage that’s being done.

It’s not just our economy at stake either. Our freedoms and way of life are under siege. Biden and the Dems have simultaneously destroyed local law enforcement and empowered federal law enforcement into a police state. Fetterman is right there too.

If Biden gets the rest of his first year with Congress to back him it will take a miracle to recover. Fetterman and the other Dems will rubber stamp everything he intends to do. All you have to do is look at all the destruction he’s inflicted us with in less than 1 yr. let alone 2,3 and 4.They’re attacking our fundamental rights and dressing up the language. First it was the voting rights act HR1 where they tried to make it easy to cheat in our elections. You wouldn’t know it by the title. Now there’s the Inflation Reduction Act and it’s doing no such thing.

You do know they are coming for our guns. i can’t wait to see what they call that one. The newly hired IRS agents will be armed. The criminals on the street are armed. It’s the law abiding gun owners who stand to lose their 2nd amendment rights. Fetterman will be the vote that makes it all possible.

*The Election Lists

First i pick out the candidates i can support and list them in order of preference, partially determined by who can win.

I also have a list of people i don’t want to vote for and sometimes there’s one i couldn’t vote for under any circumstances. As the primary moves along the list usually changes. By the time of the general election my first choice could be gone.

In some instances looong gone.

I will say this about Oz as much as he wasn’t my first choice. He entered a profession that takes discipline and dedication. He had to have a work ethic. He made a living where he wasn’t dependent on his parents-like Fetterman-or the government. He wasn’t in politics so he may not be as savvy on the campaign trail as some of the other candidates are but he seems like a good person who will do right by the people he would serve. He was endorsed by Pres. Trump. He certainly wouldn’t pick an anti MAGA candidate and he’s known Dr. Oz for years. He says they’re good friends and that speaks volumes. I think we’ll be pleasantly surprised by him once he’s in the Senate. I know this, we cannot let Fetterman get elected. He’s a straight up whacked out radical and that Dr. Oz is not.

People were warned about Biden. This is a warning about Fetterman. Please do the right thing and get out the vote for Oz. We have a country to save.What Biden does at the federal level affects us at the state level and ultimately at the local level. Biden’s policies will hit Pennsylvania very hard-harder than some states because of our energy production here. Fetterman is on the same page as Biden.

Our gas prices,food prices and taxes are already too high under Biden. He’s killing our economy. Fetanyl and other opioids flowing into the state of Pennsylvania,as they come over the southern border, are killing our people at an alarming rate: https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/pressroom/sosmap/drug_poisoning_mortality/drug_poisoning.htm

* Biden is President in name only. He did not win in 2020 but he was installed so we use the term President loosely. Trump is still the only legit President we have.