The Hidin’ Biden Model

Have you noticed how many of the Democrat candidates in this years mid term don’t want to debate their Republican opponent ? A little odd isn’t it? You would think a candidate would want to get their agenda front and center with the public and the opportunity to destroy the opponent. So you scratch your head and go, what’s up with that? Cowards? Likely. They don’t want people to know what their agenda is? Makes sense.

We all remember the 2020 election. It’s a little hard to forget. Would you call the Biden campaign a real campaign-at the least wasn’t it unlike any campaign we’ve ever seen? His staff put a lid on his so called campaign darned near every day.

A “lid” is what White House press secretaries use to indicate that there will be no news coming out of the White House that day. It can also be called a “Full Lid.”


The White House sometimes calls a lid when it does not want to release any information about a key topic. They call a lid to give notice to journalists that no questions will be answered.
Although the term has been around for decades, it was popularized by fictional Press Secretary C.J. Cregg on TV show The West Wing.
A presidential campaign can also call a lid when their candidate does not plan any more public events or appearances for the rest of the day.

President Trump was holding rallies while Joe was sitting it out. Trump worked his butt off. He never took the election for granted.

Joe rarely left his basement. The media carried his water for him. His staff kept him under wraps as much as possible. It should have been a red flag. What made anyone think he wouldn’t govern the way he ‘campaigned.’ The reason they didn’t let him out in public much was because his mental decline was too obvious. They were afraid to have Joe go out in the public. They did let him debate but that was never an issue. He could count on the media helping him out and attacking Trump. When’s the last time Biden held a news conference? He’s not going to hold one. He won’t even take questions. He always says the same thing; his staff won’t let him and if he does he’ll ‘get in trouble.’ I’m sorry but that is bizarre. We know the reason. They can’t trust him not to go off the rails. They don’t want anyone to see his cognitive abilities spiraling downward. When he says he’s not allowed, he’s not joking. He’s actually telling the truth (IMHO a first).

So who’s in the White House? I didn’t say he is President. He’s in the White House. Why wouldn’t the Democrat candidates follow this model? It worked. That’s not to say their agenda isn’t pitiful. i wouldn’t want to have to be the one to defend it.How do we know what their agenda is? Biden. It’s odd they don’t want to campaign with him. They’re trying to distance themselves but i wouldn’t be fooled. Their agenda is no different than his. They’re all radical and rather than try to lie about it or do some verbal engineering they’ll stay away from any real debate. The media will carry water for them too. i don’t put it past them to try and cheat again either although they’re less apt now that we’re onto them. I would keep an eye peeled anyway. We know what they have in mind for the 2024 Presidential race. They’re going to indict Trump in an effort to get him not to run. It’s not going to fly. Trump will not back down.

He’s running but that’s 2024. Let’s get out the vote for 2022 and get our MAGA candidates in there now.

We have to have Republicans with spine get in there. They better get rid of McConnell and McCarthy right off the bat. We’d be better off getting them to step down before the elections, but these people will hang on for dear life. I doubt enough Republicans that are on the Hill now have the chutpah to stand up to these ‘leaders.’

Ignore the polls. Polls don’t win elections. Never have, never will. Some polls are what as known as suppression polls. They intend to make us believe that our candidates are too far behind to win. There are other polls that suggest there is going to be a red wave. We have to ignore those too. We cannot take these elections for granted. Polls don’t win elections, VOTES DO! Turn out is going to be everything.

Is the Democrat candidate in your state going to debate? The voting has already started in many states. It’s a very poor time to be holding debates there. The purpose of debate is for the candidates to stand up for their policies and see if they will hold up under scrutiny. When the voting has already started it’s a little late to be informing the public. Let’s see what happens. Yes, they’re cowards. They can’t stand on the Biden policies because they’re a failure. They are using the Hidin’ Biden model. They will lay low, let the media campaign for them and run as many smear ads as possible against their opponents.