@realbriancraig The Catholic Scandal Amid Her Clergy

Brian Craig is the host of an early morning radio show/podcast from south Florida. The Steven Kane show he hosts is the longest running radio show in Florida, 77 yrs. I watch Brian every morning, Mon-Fri-from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. He’s a staunch supporter of Pres Trump. I have never heard him waiver. A caller on yesterday’s podcast brought up the pedophile scandal in the Catholic Church. Watch:

I’m not one to find a pedophile under every rock or the basement of a pizza parlor for that matter, but it’s definitely a criminal act that needs to be taken seriously. It really needs to be taken seriously now because there are leftist groups trying to normalize it. I want to focus solely on the scandal in the Catholic Church though. Nobody’s mentioned it for a long time, unlike the time when the scandal first broke in the media.

Brian did a great job handling the call, but i want to expand his points out a little more. I don’t know anything about particular cases but i can address the whole scandal in a general way.

  1. While one incident is one too many, less than 1% of ALL priests were involved. Fortunately the Church addressed the problem (although its hand may have been forced)and instituted new policies-our own diocese already had a 0% tolerance at several levels.The scandal cast a long shadow over the faithful priests. They must have felt they would always and forever be looked at with suspicion. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ecclesiastical_response_to_Catholic_sexual_abuse_cases
  2. MOST of the encounters were homosexual between a male adult priest and a minor. While it may be splitting hairs there are legal terms that apply here. Contact between an adult and a minor is considered rape or statutory rape and the corruption of the morals of a minor. Pedophilia is when the contact is with a minor below a certain age. The media avoided any discussion of the homosexual problem and lumped ALL the arrests under pedophilia. None of it was good but the reporting should have been accurate.
  3. Liberals in the Catholic Church took the scandal as an opportunity to bring up celibacy. The argument is that if priests were allowed to marry this wouldn’t have happened. WRONG-married or not a pedophile is still going to be attracted to children. Pedophilia occurs in families. Besides, they are confusing celibacy with chastity. Celibacy is a discipline where a priest or religious takes a vow not to marry. It’s a discipline, NOT a doctrine. It’s conceivable that the Church could change the discipline.
  4. Consider the Byzantine Catholic Church*.
    • married men may be ordained as deacons or priests, men who have already been ordained cannot enter into marriage. If a married deacon or priest becomes a widower, he will embrace a life of celibacy.
    • In this respect, the Eastern Catholic discipline is identical to the Latin discipline regarding married deacons. A married man can be ordained, but an ordained man cannot get married.
  5. ALL Catholics-married,single or clergy- are called to chastity .
  6. Liberals in the Catholic Church not only push to eliminate celibacy whenever the topics of sex and gender come up (an argument about nothing)they also try to push for female clergy. This IS a matter of doctrine. The priest is in persona Christi meaning ‘in the person of Christ.’ This is an easy one.The person of Christ IS male. End of story. Afterall, Jesus chose 12 apostles who were men and gave them specific authorities he did not give his many disciples. The male priesthood is not going to change. Consider that set in stone. The Eastern Rite Catholic Church has married priests. The Latin or Western rite could change this vow but i honestly don’t see it happening anytime soon Personally i’d rather it stayed the same for both rites.
  7. Priests who are pedophiles or homosexual were pedophiles and homosexual before they were priests. The priesthood didn’t bring about their attraction. It was already there. It did put them in an environment they would have easy access. It’s probably why they chose to become priests. [The teaching profession attracts such people for the same reason].Married,single and clergy are all, as Catholics, expected to practice chastity. They are both expected to keep their vows. The Church probably needs to do a better job of screening candidates for religious vocations. The Conference of Catholic Bishops addressed the scandal & enacted remedies.
  8. The Church teaching on homosexuality is this: same sex attraction is a disordered attraction. They may struggle to remain chaste and celibate but all Christians struggle. It is helpful to them if they develop disinterested friendships instead. No one condemns them for their disorder. They can lead a chaste and celibate life. Pedophilia and sexual contact with underage minors is not only immoral; it is a crime.
  9. The changes liberals think we need in the Church would have no affect on the problems of pedophilia or homosexuality in the priesthood. They’re trying to use them as excuses.Faithful priests come about because these men are willing to say yes.Like good marriages come about because 2 people are willing to say yes. The single life can be fulfilling if the person is willing to say yes to God’s purpose. Chastity is a matter of saying yes; not a set of rules saying no.

“And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

King James Version


Notice that Jesus promised evil (the gates of hell)would not prevail over His Church. He did not say it would not exist even in the Church. He only guaranteed it would not have the final word. The Church would stand.


Eastern Rites of the Catholic Church https://blessedisshe.net/blog/rites-catholic-church/

Byzantine Catholic Church St Nicholas of Myra in Orlando,Fla

I hope you get a chance to watch Brian Craig’s early morning podcasts. He does a great job of keeping up with current events and his own unique analysis. He covers the serious topics of the day but he’s a lot of fun too. I think you would enjoy his podcast ESPECIALLY if you’re a huge Trump supporter like me.

Here’s today’s 9/14/22 :