@FBI When Did You Become the KGB?

i can’t tell you how disappointed and disgusted i am; don’t have the words. Trust me, am livid and heartbroken. My father-God bless him-fought in WWII against fascism defending our freedoms and the freedom of the European countries. My son signed up to serve the country before he even graduated.

He made up his mind this is what he wanted to do and i signed the papers for him. He left for basic right out of high school. Pres. Clinton sent him to Bosnia. He went. I supported the President. I supported my son.

When he was closer to retirement i suggested to him that he apply to the FBI believing that it was the institution i envisioned it to be. He could serve his country there. i knew he was very qualified and his military record would speak for itself. Would i recommend this now? No way on earth.

Let me be clear, in case you hadn’t noticed, I am a Trump supporter. Ok,it’s obvious. I voted for him in 2016 and again in 2020. I am going to vote for him in 2024. Proudly. It is my right as an American citizen and a right my father and son defended as many others have done. i was not in DC on Jan 6. There’s no way on earth i was anywhere that day-am homebound.

i have no police record. I have NEVER advocated for violence. In fact if you read various blog entries am a strong advocate AGAINST violence including political violence. I oppose racism publicly and privately. There is nothing i’d ever say in private that i wouldn’t say publicly. We are all made in the image and likeness of God;black,white,hispanic,asian.

No race should be ashamed of their ethnicity or skin color. We accept our race and gender-we accept the race and gender of every human being. We can all play a part in getting along with our neighbors, our community, our fellow Americans. Truth is,i have never been to DC. Truth is, i no longer travel. The one trip i have made recently was to the Cleveland Clinic for my husband’s preparation for open heart surgery. We haven’t been able to go anywhere for years.

He was a very sick man and isn’t the healthiest specimen as i write this. i can’t leave him unattended even for a day, so if I weren’t homebound myself i would necessarily have to be homebound anyway. We have no car. We have no transportation available. We had to depend on uber and train to get to Cleveland and back. It was all we could do to scrape up the funds for that trip. We won’t be doing it again.There isn’t a chance we’ll ever be traveling again by train or otherwise.

I watch Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity on a regular basis. I listen to Mark Levin on radio every night from 6-9 and Dan Bongino every day on rumble. i’ve watched every Trump rally on rsbn and not missed one. i read political books such as Laptop from Hell, the Plot Against the President and Spygate. I’m no fan of Alex Jones. He does some good reporting and he gets kudos from me for that but i can’t handle SOME of his conspiracy theories. For that matter i avoid all conspiracy theories like the plague. Mr. Jones may be a good man but his style of reporting is just not my cuppa tea.

Dan Bongino has it right when he says bring the receipts. i believe to this day that Trump won in 2020 and not changing my mind. Can we do anything about it? The only thing we can and must do is vote in 2022 and 2024. We have to keep an eye peeled and make sure there is election integrity this time around so everyone can trust in our elections regardless of party. Trump didn’t convince me he won in 2020 and that the Democrats cheated.

I saw it all with my own 2 eyes on election night. The 2020 election was bizarre from beginning to end. Too many anomalies, too many shenanigans, too many unconstitutional illegal actions in various states. The election suddenly shut down election night. We all saw it. Are the Democrats corrupt enough to cheat? You bet they are. They will do ANYTHING[as proven recently] to stop Trump from winning. Present behavior proves past and future.

The Constitution matters more than anything and what Biden has done is tear it to shreds. Merrick Garland is subverting the law. He thinks the end justifies the means. You’re helping them destroy our country. How on earth can you do this?What about all the men and women who have sacrificed so much including their own lives to to keep it free and just? What about all those people who came here escaping communist countries to the one country on earth that stood up for them? Where do they go now? i’m not trying to be dramatic. i wish i were.

Here is a heads up since you’re targeting Biden’s opponents and people who simply don’t want to vote for him-if you knock on our door my husband could have a heart attack or stroke. He’s already recuperated from 2 strokes. If you would ever cause anything to happen to this innocent man i would never forgive any of you, Biden or Garland. Unlike me he doesn’t give a lick about politics. He votes-that’s it. He has no interest otherwise. He depends on my counsel when it comes to voting.

i can sum up my opinion of Biden in one sentence. He’s a corrupt scum who has taken a wrecking ball to everything that was good about our country. He’s lawless and has no respect for the Constitution or the American people. Of course, he’s a puppet but he’s still doing what he’s told and you’re doing his bidding.


NOTE: i haven’t heard one MAGA American advocate for violence or the overthrow of an elected official unconstitutionally. These people love their country,support law enforcement, respect our Constitution. They respect our flag, our military and at one time respected our institutions such as the FBI-held it in the highest regard. Their sons,daughters, husbands and wives have served honorably in our military. William Ayers and Bernadine Dorn qualify as domestic terrorists.

These MAGA citizens are good ppl & Biden is targeting  them. They believe you change the direction of the country the right way, by voting. Our only crime is supporting Pres Trump and we will not be intimidated by Biden into doing otherwise. The last  time i checked we are still a free country and can do that but i see that is quickly slipping away. A crying shame.

You’re [FBI] losing the liberty loving  country too for yourselves, your children, your grandchildren. It’s too bad all of you don’t have the courage to stand up and speak out. You’ll regret it the day the Republic is lost for good. Everything they accused Trump and us of doing they ARE doing. What are you, deaf, dumb and blind? Is there something in it for you? i don’t get it.

i am not speaking to any violence on J6 for what i’m about to say. While i don’t approve of law breaking or anything outside an honestly peaceful protest (unlike the 2016 and 2020 riots)i do understand-not approve- what happened on January 6. For one, i’m convinced it was a set up similar to the Whitmer Kidnapping Case. For another, these people always played by the rules and now they felt cheated, discouraged and probably afraid for the future of the country. They watched Antifa/BLM get away with murder-literally-and now they watched the election get stolen right under their noses. Whether you believe that was true or not can you imagine that you’re watching your beloved country succumbing to socialism and you can’t do a damned thing?

Jan 6 was not an insurrection. Not one participant in the Capitol that day was even charged with insurrection. It’s a totally bogus narrative. All the people involved-from the trespassers right up to the most violent-are  entitled to due process and they’re being denied. We still live in the United States of America and we still live under our Constitution ,right?

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could you at least try to come up with an original excuse?