It’s a Cover Up!

One of 2 things is going on here with the director of the FBI.

  1. agents at the FBI have gone totally rogue and are taking their orders from the Biden administration rather than Christopher Wray. He’s lost control and is no longer an effective director. He should resign.
  2. Wray is directly involved in the cover up. It has to be one or the other. Both can’t be true.He should resign.
It’s a Cover Up!

Incredible, Powerful, Dangerous. #Tornado trending on Twitter

Out of the blue for reasons no one seems to know why #Tornado started trending on Twitter. It prompted a whole bunch of people to start posting their video footage (or pictures) of various tornados. I grabbed the embed codes for the best shots. Most were videos. i closed it out with a vintage photo of tornado damage from 1952.

Imagine most people wouldn’t post anything like this but i have to admit a fascination with the phenomenon ; probably because we know more about them than we did years ago, but still know so little. They are incredible to watch but i honestly hope i never have the experience up close and personal. My hope is that people will realize how powerful they are and always take the warnings seriously. Stay weather aware and be prepared.

Here s the tweets. i was kind of surprised there were so many. Amazing aren’t they?

Words to the wise: Do not take pictures/videos unless you can do so safely. Leave the storm chasing to the professionals. Even they have suffered tragic losses and they know what they’re doing. Tornadoes can be unpredictable and ALL are dangerous just some more than others. They can form anywhere, anytime given the right conditions. The only place on planet earth that would never get a tornado is the Antartic because the conditions would never be favorable. Unless you live in the Antartic you always stand a chance. My guess is you don’t live there.