The MAGA ideology; for the benefit of Joe Biden listed as @POTUS on twitter

Everyone remember when Joe Biden said Antifa was an idea? Campaign 2020. The Antifa idea was out burning down cities, attacking law enforcement and federal buildings, murdering innocent bystanders, creating chaos and anarchy in major cities; most notably but not limited to Portland, Oregon. Antifa operates in Europe as well. They have a manifesto. They have tactics they use and spell them out. They made it known publicly they intended to remove or get Trump removed from office. It was their stated goal.

So much for Antifa being an idea. Biden was covering for them. The same way the media covered for the violent mobs saying they were mostly peaceful protestors.

Ask Andy Ngo what this idea did to him.

While Biden claimed Antifa was an idea he said MAGA was an idealogue which tells me Biden either has no clue what MAGA is (possible) or he’s pretending he doesn’t know what it is. It doesn’t matter. I am going to set him straight on what MAGA is and isn’t.

MAGA was Trump’s rallying cry in the 2016 election. Everyone knows what it stands for. i think some ppl question why he used the word again rather than flat out saying America is great anyway. The reason is that America has been sold out for years. NAFTA was the worst trade deal in our history. i can remember when Lou Dobbs of Fox news warned people what it would do and it did. There was that sucking sound of jobs going out to other countries. We were always nation building instead of just winning wars. We never learned to get done and get out.I could go with other examples of how past Presidents, Republican and Democrat alike, did not put America First. America First was the whole point of the MAGA slogan. Trump represented the forgotten men and women of our country who hadn’t had a voice for years.

Keep in mind though that MAGA wasn’t just a slogan. It was what Trump intended to do. Make is a call to action; to get something done.

It became a movement and Trump won.

We have no manifesto. There were never calls for violence. In fact law and order was at the top of the MAGA agenda to be translated into policy.

Here was Antifa the day Trump was sworn in

Anti-Trump protests turn violent: Cops clash with 6,000-strong crowd in Oakland and activists block roads in LA amid nationwide demonstrations that saw Madonna and Cher join 7,000 in NYC

Kamala Harris’ staff was raising funds to bail out Antifa and BLM rioters after their arrests. Neither Biden nor Harris-for that matter none of the Democrats-condemned the violence. They appeared to be encouraging it.

The MAGA movement is a diverse group of people. It is a grass roots movement with a few core values in common. No manifesto required.

Those core values include less intrusive government, more individual liberty.

American jobs for the American people; we’d like to see the tag Made In The USA return.

Trump finally ended NAFTA, the TPP and Paris Agreement. None of these benefited the American working middle class.

We respect the Constitution including freedom of speech, religion and the 2nd amendment which says the right to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED and all that the Constitution says in regard to due process.

When you look at the Biden administration and the Democrats supporting him do you see the same respect for the Constitution? If you answered yes let me ask you; if he respects freedom of speech why are people being banned and censored on social media. Remember Pres Trump was banned. What about the Hunter Biden laptop scandal? Buried by media at Biden’s FBI request. Is that freedom of the press?

If Biden respects the 2nd amendment why the gun grab and unconstitutional gun laws?

What about Sen Schumer’s threat against the justices of the Supreme Court and the protestors harassing them at their homes; a FELONY. No condemnation from Biden or the Democrats.

What about Biden’s open borders policy breaking our own immigration laws. The cartels operate with impunity. They’re brining in drugs (especially fentanyl) that are killing THOUSANDS of our citizens. They’re engaging in human trafficking. ALL Biden’s doing. Trump had the border under control.

There is plenty more i could mentionabout the other side but i’ll sum it up by saying our MAGA side does not condone violence. MAGA simply means we put America First.We don’t need a manifesto.

Most of us questioned the 2020 election and still do. We’re allowed. Some want to move on and win in 2022 and 24 with Trump. Others are still questioning the 2020 but want to win the 2022 and 24 elections too. We’re not divided at all. We’re free to disagree but we agree that we want to win and take back our country. Joe says we want to take our country back in a negative way. We want to take our country back to where the Constitution meant something, where our streets were safe and the people were prosperous as we were under Trump. Big difference.

We welcome ALL to the MAGA movement; black,white,hispanic,Asian, Jewish. You will never meet a more welcoming group of people. We’re family.

Joe was wrong in characterizing MAGA as ideologues. He was wrong in so many other ways but i mainly wanted to make that one point the clearest. If you don’t get that you’re not likely to understand anything else about us.