Contact (social media) UPDATE 9.27.2022


The name on the profile doesn’t add up. True. It’s a new account. The ‘old’ account is banned. It has been for a long time. I’ve appealed it again since Elon has taken over but doesn’t look like it’s done any good so far.

My favorite, Truth Social

You Tube Agent 99

Agent 99 “Get Smart”




a lesser known platform but one of my favorites next to Truth Social, MeWe

It never really took off but i keep it up anyway. There’s a handful of members Reddit

I also joined Gab after the Twitter ban but quit using it altogether. There seemed to be a streak of anti semitism among some of the members plus I sensed a negative vibe from the whole platform. Not going back. Maybe you like it. Whatever floats your boat.

Truth Social is one of the best. It’s like a combination of the best features of Twitter and Facebook,minus the worst.

Besides, our President is there. Makes it the best of all.

Twitter is stuck with their fake.

A little meet and greet

Baby & me

Brutus (the baby)Missed greatly. Beautiful them boxers
3 generations of great anglers. Husband, his son and grandson
Husband and his grandson, Reese
Miss em so much. Mom and Dad
Dad, doing what he loved the most. Good times