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My favorite, Truth Social

You Tube Agent 99




a lesser known platform but one of my favorites next to Truth Social, MeWe

It never really took off but i keep it up anyway. There’s a handful of members Reddit

I also joined Gab after the Twitter ban but quit using it altogether. There seemed to be a streak of anti semitism among some of the members plus I sensed a negative vibe from the whole platform. Not going back. Maybe you like it. Whatever floats your boat.

Truth Social is one of the best. It’s like a combination of the best features of Twitter and Facebook,minus the worst.

Besides, our President is there. Makes it the best of all.

Twitter is stuck with their fake.

A little meet and greet
the baby and me
Brutus (the baby)Missed greatly. Beautiful them boxers
3 generations of great anglers. Husband, his son and grandson
Husband and his grandson, Reese
Miss em so much. Mom and Dad
Dad, doing what he loved the most. Good times