You Live in #Pennsylvania? You’re Voting for #Fetterman over #DrOz. Have You Lost It? Hope Not(let’s talk)!

I’ll be honest and admit Oz was not my first choice. When it came to voting in the primary i voted for Kathy Barnette. I’ll be honest again and admit she wasn’t my first choice either. There was a lower tier candidate i was very supportive of but she just didn’t make it out of the lower tier so i voted for the candidate i thought had the best chance of winning at the tail end of the cycle.

It’s not that i didn’t like Oz-he was a Trump endorsed candidate after all-but that i saw him as a liberal candidate because of his association with Oprah Winfrey and other liberal people in media. i really had no way of knowing anything else because i had never seen him on television or followed him closely. We don’t have cable. We dropped it a little over a year ago.

I Have to admit though; Oz had name recognition and say what you will that it may not matter,the truth is name recognition can matter a lot in politics. I won’t get into that here because we have to get up to speed on where the race is NOW. The midterms are but a few months away.

Since then i’ve spent more time listening to Dr. Oz to get an idea where he is on issues. The main question is does he size up to be a MAGA candidate or is he the radical liberal i pictured him as. I tend to see now that he is a MAGA candidate and we need the seat period. We cannot afford to lose this one especially to a bona fide and self admitted Marxist like Fetterman.

Fetterman is not just a bad choice; he’s a terrible choice. Oz doesn’t even come close to the damage Fetterman will do both to the state and the country at large.

The sad truth is Fetterman could win and i don’t get it. Who, other than the radical left, could want Fetterman in office?

it’s not the impairment from his stroke that worries me though that is a concern. i don’t think he has the cognitive ability to function well in the duties this office requires. i’m not making fun of him or putting him down because of his impaired abilities. Nobody asks for a stroke. It’s not his fault but it is important that people have the sense to take it into consideration.

Here’s where Fetterman has huge problems:

I’ll grant you he’s from the state of Pennsylvania but that’s the only plus in his column. It’s not really saying much when he would destroy the state.

He wants to let criminals out of the prisons to flood our streets. Crime is a big enough problem. This would be devastating. It’s radical and bad news for the law abiding.

He’s all in for the green new deal of the Biden administration. Pennsylvania was well known as being the energy state. All that ends for certain with Fetterman helping Biden shut it down in the state.

I guarantee he supports CRT and hyper sexual material in the school curriculum.

i’m willing to bet he consider parents who protest at school board meetings as domestic terrorists backing up Biden’s policy to target parents . He hasn’t said much but i also guarantee he’s anti 2nd amendment. I’ll sum it up. He supports the destructive Biden agenda.

The man was supported by his well to do parents into his 40’s. He never held a job in the private sector. He wears a hoodie and sports tattoos and that gives the impression he’s just a regular guy; meantime he’s declined every debate with Dr. Oz. It reminds me of the Biden “campaign.”

Biden rarely went out in public. More often than not his campaign put a lid on events. He basically campaigned-if you want to call it that-from his basement. The media was willing to do his campaigning for him.

They wrote the Biden narrative that this was an easy going Uncle Joe kind of guy unlike the brash Orange man. He would calm things down and the country would become mellow. Everyone would start to get along. He was lunch bucket Joe from Scranton who rode the Amtrak train and was so harmless.

Yes, he had these gaffes but that was so endearing. It was like your crazy uncle over for the holidays who would say something silly and have everyone laughing at the dining room table but at least he was harmless. Actually, Biden was in mental decline possibly dementia and they were hiding it from the public. It isn’t harmless at all.

They’re doing the same thing for Fetterman and i worry it’s working just like it did for Biden. i can’t believe people would fall for it twice.

Fetterman is trying to distance himself from Biden because of his low approval numbers but that is a calculated move. DO NOT BE FOOLED. He’ll back Biden all the way if he gets the seat and the Senate will stay in control of the Democrats.

We have to get out the vote and support Oz 100%. A Fetterman win would be as devastating as the Biden win was in 2020.. We can’t let this happen again by staying home. We have to vote in huge numbers. Ignore the polls-JUST VOTE. Polls have never won an election and never will. The only thing that counts IS the vote!

This one seat in Pennsylvania is critical. It’s the one vote between stopping the Biden agenda and getting our country on the right track. We lose this seat we don’t get the Senate. We win this seat with Oz we can change course immediately! It’s one serious election here. I hope we do our state proud. If you can’t cast the vote for Oz at least cast the vote for Oz to keep Fetterman out. I think in the end OZ is going to be a pleasant surprise. I know Pres Trump feels he can count on him. It surely wouldn’t be Fetterman. Fetterman would be the one casting the deciding vote for the Democrats.

Unlike Fetterman the man was able to get his degree in medicine. He’s no dummy. That is not some small accomplishment. He got a job and went to work every day serving people. He appreciates what the working class folks do and has been on the campaign trail meeting those folks. He’s no radical and Fetterman is; no doubt at all. Fetterman had an incident the media is hiding, where he actually chased an innocent unarmed black man down the street with a weapon. Yes, it’s true and it’s definitely a story that has been suppressed in the mainstream media.

I’m going to count on my fellow Pennsylvanians to do the right thing and vote Dr. Oz.

The Wilkes-Barre, Pa Rally

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MIKHAIL GORBACHEV DIES: Former Soviet Leader Who Oversaw End of Cold War Dead at 91

According to a report from Fox News, former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev has died; he was 91. Gorbachev’s office reported he was undergoing treatment at the hospital before his death.From Fox News:The Tass, RIA Novosti and Interfax news agencies cited the Central Clinical Hospital. Gorbachev’s office said earlier that he was undergoing treatment at the hospital.Gorbachev was the leader of the Soviet Union from 1985 until its collapse in December 1991.As general secretary and president, he helped forge weapons reduction deals with the U.S. and other western powers and remove the Iron Curtain.

MIKHAIL GORBACHEV DIES: Former Soviet Leader Who Oversaw End of Cold War Dead at 91

He was a remarkable leader. Unfortunately his legacy was destroyed in the former Soviet territories. His one lasting success was the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of East and West Germany.