(3046) So, It WAS All A Scam – YouTube

People like Biden live in la la land. The left,like Biden,have these wild dreams that do not jive with reality. The objective is to get control over climate change which is an idea that is asinine in itself. Pres Trump had the U.S. energy independent for the first time in history and energy dominant to boot. The price of gas was low.

This is a fantastic segment from Larry Elder with useful information that delves into the facts-not some unattainable goal that is ideologically driven. The government has a habit of dreaming up ‘programs’ as an answer to a problem that did not exist. They create one. Don’t miss this. The left is driving a fear campaign about climate change. It’s nonsense. People better worry more about economic collapse in California. It’s coming.Newsome is the disaster.

It’s too bad Mr. Elder didn’t win the election in California. He would have made a fantastic governor and turned the state around. People don’t do the research. It’s like the Orange Man Bad campaign and they all easily fall for it. They pass up their own opportunities. There ya go liberals. Keep shooting yourselves in the foot.

Will the left ever come to the conclusion this is too crazy even for me especially when it is in their own best interest to do so? Was Orange Man REALLY that bad or did the media gaslight you? Did you look at the facts or simply decide he colluded with Russia because the media told you he did? Some Democrats are saying that had they known about the Hunter Biden laptop scandal they would not have voted Biden. My question is, how could they NOT know? We did. We knew about Spygate too.

(3046) So, It WAS All A Scam – YouTube