3 UNBEARABLE ‘rock’ songs. One is iconic

“I’d rather hear some blues or funky ol soul”

Bob Seger, Old Time Rock and Roll

Imagine,for all its air play and accolades has to be one of the worst rock songs of any era. The melody is ok. It isn’t especially creative, but it’s not too shabby. The lyrics are detestable. Lennon asks the audience to suspend all principles. It may sound like an anti war song but it’s the outline of the left’s Utopian dream for the world. He wrote there is nothing to kill or die for. IF there is nothing to die for there is nothing to live for either. We’re supposed to give up all our beliefs and imagine the world without them. We had that world in ancient history. It was barbaric. The spread of Christianity made civilization possible. In spite of some periods where Christianity failed to live up to the teachings of the founder, the worst periods in history were when atheistic governments took over various countries. We’re talking about communism and it’s never worked out well.

There’s no hell or heaven according to Imagine. Our ultimate goal is what? We only came into the world to exist until we don’t exist?

Lennon believes that believing in nothing is going to lead to, all the people living life in peace and we’re supposed to imagine it. i did imagine. Everyone giving up their beliefs whether it’s Christianity or Judaism is not going to result in peace. Peace is not an absence of war. It doesn’t hurt of course but a true lasting peace means that we make a commitment to helping our neighbors and not just a commitment to not attacking them. You have to begin by acknowledging people’s fundamental God given rights. Most wars are not started over religious beliefs. i’m not saying there hasn’t been conflict based on religion but the vast majority of wars are started for other reasons. Nations, like ours in the United States, founded on Judeo-Christian principles respect the freedom of the individual & do not start wars.

The 2nd worst song is Lennon’s again. This one is lesser known. It’s called God. It’s an anthem for secular humanism and claims that man is his own god.

The 3rd song and the worst of the 3 is by The Rolling Stones and was probably penned by Mick Jagger. It’s not Sympathy for the Devil either, which would probably be people’s first guess. While Lennon’s Imagine and God show a lack of reflection on what the words were saying this tune by the Stones is outright saying i refuse to be saved by God and prefer to live a decadent life instead. It’s a conscience rejection of any offer of salvation. He doesn’t say i don’t believe in God. He actually claims he does, rejects Him, then closes the door. It’s the same rejection by Lucifer who had a superior intellect and told God-in the presence of God -I will not serve.

The official video is very dark and actually looks demonic. Jagger is posturing .His body language is anger and defiance. He gets humble enough to acknowledge he’s a sinner but just when you think he might consider redemption he says nope, i’m staying out here.

Here is the fatal flaw in his thinking;

“And I do believe in miracles
And I wanna save my soul”

He believes in the supernatural. Something outside the natural order has prompted him to believe God exists but then he believes he can save his own soul.

He laments that he wants to but he’s decided to reject it (redemption) anyway; besides he hasn’t become humble enough to admit dependence on God. He is telling God that he can’t make a saint of him.