Thune – The Last Refuge McConnell 2.0. The answer is NO!

Senator Thune is one of the primary beneficiaries of Big Ag spending and Wall Street money.  Thune is the ‘whip’ of McConnell.  Thune is second in Big Ag contributions, with Senator Chuck Grassley being first.

Late December, 2021, the New York Times reported {LINK} that South Dakota Senator John Thune, the heir apparent to Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, was considering retiring because the Trump influence, the MAGA base, was not in alignment with his corporate and Wall Street donor class worldview.

Those who have watched closely know Senator Mitch McConnell has positioned Senator Thune to take over in the Senate (zipper problems not withstanding).  The Machiavellian purpose of the positioning is to put Thune in place as a line of defense to protect the interest of the political establishment and the aligned Fourth Branch of Government.

Thune – The Last Refuge