Trump:the Dictator,Tyrant, Authoritarian, Hitler

i remember how the military was going to be required to go into the White House and drag out Adolf Trump.

Of course it didn’t happen so let’s look over how Trump acted like a dictator in most instances since we escaped that terrible fate.

Will examine the facts with a series of questions. Let’s make sure we nail our guy.

Who was banned from social media?

Trump or Biden?

Who was spied on during their campaign?

Trump or Biden?

Who was falsely accused of being a Russian agent?

Trump or Biden?

Who was the subject of a 3 yrs investigation for colluding with the Russians when the investigators knew it wasn’t true.

Trump or Biden?

Who was impeached for al lawful phone call to a foreign leader?

Trump or Biden?

Who was the cause of the FBI lying to the FISA court?

The Obama/Biden admin or the Trump admin?

Who UNCONSTITUTIONALLY changed election laws in battleground states to benefit one canddate in 2020?

the Dems or Republicans?

Whose associates were raided and targeted by the FBI for misdemeanors?

Trump’s or Biden’s?

Whose home was raided illegally for a fish expedition to keep targeted person from running for President?

Trump or Biden?

In the end who actually did the tyrannical acts? I didn’t include the parents protesting at school board meetings-their constitutional right-being labeled terrorists I didn’t bring up the people sitting in prison being denied due process for their actions at the Capitol on Jan 6,2021

I also didn’t bring up the 87k IRS agents added to the agents already working at the IRS.

Given all that’s listed here-just the tip of the iceberg-who should you fear most?