The FBI Has Fallen and Can’t Get Up

i want to make this perfectly clear; am a Trump supporter, 100%. It should be obvious by the title of the blog and the images, even before you read the posts. Second: voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020 and am voting for him in 2024, God willing am still this side of the dirt. Finally, as much as i support Trump i have never actually been to a Trump rally. I’ve watched every single one as well as all his speeches and never missed one. However, there is no way on earth i was at his final rally as President in DC on Jan 6.i would have given anything to be there but the truth is i am homebound and have been for at least 10 yr or longer. The only trips i have made in recent years are to Pittsburgh Pa. and Cleveland Ohio respectively for medical reasons. Were they not medical emergencies i would not have gone; one trip was by train and the other by car. I have never been to D.C. PERIOD. i know a lot of people went there when they were kids for a school field trip. Our school never had such a field trip. It was a private Catholic school on a tight budget; probably couldn’t afford it nor could my family.

i did watch the rally on you tube or rumble (can’t recall which).

I can say this without batting an eye-it was NOT an insurrection. The media is lying about Trump and has been since he ran in 2016. The most egregious the Russia collusion lie; at least it was the most egregious up until the insurrection lie.

I’m sorry to say the FBI is a participant in the lie. Worse, i believe the J6 Capitol breach was an FBI set up and plot. Breaks my heart. I grew up with the highest regard for the FBI. They had such a reputation for being a patriotic law abiding agency admired by everyone. i can’t believe they have sunk to the level they have and now they’re terrorizing private citizens who support Trump. i believe these raids are meant to intimidate other Trump supporters. It seems like they want to instill fear in everyone so that we’re afraid to support Trump. They want us to think we MIGHT be next. Now can you imagine Biden (or whoever is REALLY in charge of the country ) ordered the Justice Dept to send the FBI to raid the home of the former President because he’s Biden’s opponent and they’re afraid Trump will run against Joe and win? Hard to imagine but it’s true. It’s one of the reasons they did it. They really don’t want him to run and will do anything to stop him,even to sink to this level.The bottom line is the raid was B.S. and UNCONSITUTIONAL. Don’t they swear an oath to protect and defend the Constitution,not violate it?

I’m sorry as anyone that the FBI has come to this. i don’t condone violence though. It’s the worst political tool there is and rarely has a good outcome. We don’t need to go there. We have the ballot box and we need to mobilize in numbers so huge that fraud won’t matter and it will send a clear message to this lawless administration. The left is trying to push us into violence. We aren’t going to take the bait. Sure there are nut jobs in the general population but one guy is different than 100’s or thousands taking to the streets on behalf of anyone. Trump has never called for violence. Overly, covertly or as much as implying we resort to violence aka dog whistle. NEVER. Trust me, if he had wanted an insurrection on J6 he’s not one to beat around the bush.The whole insurrection narrative is a lie by the media but that’s what they do.

Strangely you would think the ppl they fooled with the Russia Collusion lie would have wised up and realized they were doing it again. Maybe they don’t care? They can’t possibly be that gullible or stupid.

My point here is that it’s a shame the FBI is trying to frighten ordinary LAW ABIDING citizens and licking the boots of Biden and Garland.

Any hope for the agency? Can their reputation ever be restored?

Trump:the Dictator,Tyrant, Authoritarian, Hitler

i remember how the military was going to be required to go into the White House and drag out Adolf Trump.

Of course it didn’t happen so let’s look over how Trump acted like a dictator in most instances since we escaped that terrible fate.

Will examine the facts with a series of questions. Let’s make sure we nail our guy.

Who was banned from social media?

Trump or Biden?

Who was spied on during their campaign?

Trump or Biden?

Who was falsely accused of being a Russian agent?

Trump or Biden?

Who was the subject of a 3 yrs investigation for colluding with the Russians when the investigators knew it wasn’t true.

Trump or Biden?

Who was impeached for al lawful phone call to a foreign leader?

Trump or Biden?

Who was the cause of the FBI lying to the FISA court?

The Obama/Biden admin or the Trump admin?

Who UNCONSTITUTIONALLY changed election laws in battleground states to benefit one canddate in 2020?

the Dems or Republicans?

Whose associates were raided and targeted by the FBI for misdemeanors?

Trump’s or Biden’s?

Whose home was raided illegally for a fish expedition to keep targeted person from running for President?

Trump or Biden?

In the end who actually did the tyrannical acts? I didn’t include the parents protesting at school board meetings-their constitutional right-being labeled terrorists I didn’t bring up the people sitting in prison being denied due process for their actions at the Capitol on Jan 6,2021

I also didn’t bring up the 87k IRS agents added to the agents already working at the IRS.

Given all that’s listed here-just the tip of the iceberg-who should you fear most?