(2806) Rapper Kevin Gates Trashes BLM Movement – YouTube

Just to be clear people. i do not use the n word. i have never called any person a n***er.Now the Hodgetwins are very blunt people who sometimes use strong language that you may find offensive, including that racial slur. i don’t like when anyone uses the word BUT these 2-and every other American-has the right to free speech whether we are offended or not.If it helps them get their point across who am i to tell them not to use it and they wouldn’t listen to me anyway. Can i say imho we need to eradicate racial slurs-ALL of them-from our vocabulary but grown people can make up their own minds. Just don’t teach it to kids,k?

(2806) Rapper Kevin Gates Trashes BLM Movement – YouTube

Yep, we’re Americans!