We Will Get Him-President Trump-Back In

Dan Bongino highlighted an article on his podcast/rumble today written by Michael Anton. The Title is They Can’t Let Him Back In. You can read it here https://compactmag.com/article/they-can-t-let-him-back-in

Before i talk about how we plan to get him in and they plan to keep him out i want to discuss our elections in general.

PreAmble to the U.S. Constitution

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

Notice the first 3 words because they are very important, We the People. The United States is unlike any other country in the world and throughout history. Our founders recognized that our form of government was created with the consent of the governed. We were to elect our own legislative body and President.It was to be a [Representative]Republic-not a democracy-and the law of the land would be the Constitution.

We get to decide who will run for the office of President. The legislative bodies of each state will determine the election laws of that state and then we’ll vote to elect the candidate we want, according to those laws.

You know why people leave their own homeland to become citizens of our country? Besides the economic opportunity our country affords them it’s the liberty our Constitution protects for them. It’s the ability to participate in an election guided by laws and picking the candidate of their choice. It’s the opening words of the Pre-Amble We the People, not them; the elect few, the well connected or the administrative state aka the ruling class.

It pains me to think of all the men and women who sacrificed life and limb for this liberty and watch what the ruling class has decided it has the right to force upon we the people. It pains me to think of all the people who left everything they had to escape tyrannical governments only to come here and watch it happen all over again.

It infuriates me to think my father served in WWII against the fascist military of Hitler and Mussolini only to be called a Nazi because i voted for Trump(and will do so again in 2024).

It’s infuriating that they call Trump a Nazi when there hasn’t been a single President-either party-who has done more for the state of Israel than Donald Trump. They don’t seem to recognize the fact his own son-in-law, daughter and grandchild ARE Jewish.

This is just name calling though. It’s the unlawful illegal and unconstitutional acts against Trump and his administration that stink to high heaven yet the left claims that Trump undermined our republic. Remember the texts between Lisa Page and Peter Strozk? Strozk assured his paramour Lisa that they would stop Trump from getting elected. I didn’t know that was the purpose of the DOJ/FBI did you? The left is ok with this?

i thought we the people were the ones who got to determine who our candidate/President would be. We don’t let jack booted thugs intimidate us into supporting their candidate and we’re ok with it as long as their choice is simpatico with ours. The FBI/DOJ know Biden, the Democrats and the media will side with them.

Unfortunately Bill Barr and Mike Pence were too aligned with the DC status quo to do the right thing. They’re the kind of people who don’t want to rock the boat. I doubt either one of them would have signed their names to the Declaration of Independence. It wasn’t a legal document but it took a lot of courage to sign it because of what it stood for. It is the philosophy upon which the legally binding Constitution would be based. It definitely rocked the boat at the time.

There are 4 types of Republicans in DC we could do without. We all know the RINO’s. They often side with the Democrats. They’ve been very helpful to Biden. The ones we didn’t know were the closet Never Trumpers. If it came down to their political careers they’d throw Trump under the bus. Then there’s the weak kneed. They’re not RINO’s or Never Trumpers but they’ve always lacked the spine to stand up when we needed them and with the Republic under assault you’d think they’d grow one. Nope-nowhere to be found. Finally,there’s the opportunists. When you’re down for the count they’ll leave you there if it means they can move up the[political] ladder. Some of the problems in the Republican party are the weak leaders we have. They’re just not leaders. McConnell is the worst. For every one victory he may have had, he’s had far too many failures; and they may not BE failures. He’s a bona fide member of the uniparty. In fact he’s more than a rank and file member. He and Pelosi are the power hungry leaders of the uniparty. Keep in mind they’re probably close to retiring anyway but they do have their prodigy’s. Watch out for the people they’re supporting to replace them.We don’t need Mitch 2.0.

We do have some warriors and they’re under constant attack by the uniparty. The Democrats can’t stand them but they’re not well liked by the Republican party either. This is the state of affairs we were in when Trump was up for his 2nd term in the 2020 election. The good news this year is that nearly all the Trump endorsed MAGA candidates won their primaries.I see them as re-enforcements on the way when we need them the most. The midterms are coming. The Democrats are desperate. They know that Trump is going to run too and that means a no holds barred assault on him and his supporters. It means the DOJ and FBI are going to do Biden’s bidding.Ron Klein,Susan Rice and George Soros are really in charge but Joe wants to remain President even if it’s in name only.How far would they go to stop Trump? If you’ve read the article you know they have no scruples.They have their plans and just like 2020 they’re ready to go.

We have to have our plans too. This isn’t going to be a matter of hope for the best. We’re awake now and here’s how it goes:

  1. VOTE & GET OUT THE VOTE. Whatever our state voting laws are we go by them. If they permit early voting, mail in ballots, as well as in person voting ,take advantage of what works best for your situation. Whatever we do, we can’t sit it out. If the polls show us winning or losing ignore them. Polls don’t win elections, never have & never will. VOTES DO. Polls can be manipulated. The worst effect of polls is that they can convince people to stay home. IF someone you know wants to vote but isn’t registered help them get registered if they need help.
  2. TAKE THE NO VIOLENCE PLEDGE. The left is trying to provoke us to give them the response they can use. I was livid about the raid and i was already pretty peeved but we settle these things at the ballot box. I know exactly how everyone feels. We’re all going through the same thing. We have every justifiable reason to be angry but we channel that through the legal, ethical and moral avenues our country affords us..The answer is vote and encourage everyone to vote. We know the MAGA movement is non violent. We don’t have a manifesto. Pres Trump has never called us to respond with violence, even to the people at the Jan 6th rally. Say what they will they know better but they have to label us like they should have labeled Antifa or the people they had harassing the justices-or the pro abortion activists targeting pregnancy help centers. That’s not us. We’re a big family who welcome all who are patriotic, love our country and respect our Constitution. The left always accuses other people of what they are doing. We can commit to non violence under ALL circumstances. We will never give up our 2nd amendment rights though. We don’t use the right to bear arms for violence. It’s for self defense. If people don’t get that it’s their problem, not ours. Can’t help you.
  3. Didn’t like the raid? Good! Every American should be mortified by what is going on in our country. Call your rep in Congress and speak out. Again, no violence or so much as a threat of violence. Demand they stand up for us though and condemn the raid. I’d like to get a commitment to Trump from them. He is going to run in 24. If he’s going to be the candidate they need to stand up for him this time. Their silence will speak volumes. Love or hate him our Constitution matters.
  4. Election integrity matters. We can walk and chew gum at the same time. We can speak out against the 2020 election and look forward to the 2024 election. The idea that we have to abandon one for the other is ridiculous. Let’s make sure our elections are free,fair and minus as much fraud as possible. For the few not willing to question the 2020 election we will probably have to give up on convincing them-it was so obvious i’m not sure why anyone would need convincing, but some ppl just want to move on. We still have to make sure our elections will be above board.
  5. UNITY. It matters. Keep in mind the Dems will do their utmost to stir up discontent, division and infighting on our side. They can be darned crafty about it too so keep the antenna up. Look at it this way; if it’s anything that might cause even a tiny crack in our coalition they will go for it. Focus on the goal. We have no choice but to win. Keep them on their heels so they have to work 2x as hard to get their people motivated to vote.
  6. They’re going to throw everything at Trump in the hope that something/anything will stick. You’ll hear rumors, leaks, lies. They have the apparatus of the administrative state on their side. They have the media campaigning for them. We don’t care. We exercise our God given right to vote and get that power away from them. The upcoming midterms are everything. i know 2024 is very important but 2022 is going to help make a Trump 2024 win even more possible. The media is going to do their darndest to gaslight us into thinking we don’t have a chance or they’ll go the other route and try to make us over confident. The remedy is simple. Ignore their efforts. When they put out a lie that’s another matter. Counteract with the truth. We have social media. It’s a good work around. i know there’s a risk of being banned but they can’t ban all of us can they?
  7. The ultimate goal is restoring the republic to WE THE PEOPLE. We have to get back to the place where we choose our leaders and they respect that. They may or may not like the choice but it’s clearly up to us. We can’t be at the place where our own FBI has people talking amongst themselves[about] how they are going to stop someone we’ve chosen to be elected. There is something incredibly wrong with that. It’s antithetical to the oath of office they take. They’ve forgotten what it means.
  8. We have to be on the lookout because one of the tactics they are going to use against Trump is the one that worked the last time, CHEAT. They are going to accuse honest Republicans of trying to suppress the vote. All we’re asking is to make sure it’s easy to vote and hard to cheat. We are going to have to make sure they abide by the Constitution and don’t start changing the election rules outside the the legislative body. Let’s try to keep them honest. We got caught off guard in 2020-not this time! There were a few Republican governors (ie Kemp in Georgia)who were as crooked as the Dems and wanted to stop Trump.We’ll have to be on high alert and let them know we are. We can keep the fraud to a minimum at least. When you spot it, call attention to it. Sunlight is the best disinfectant!