The Left is DELIBERATELY Pushing Us. :Stay Sharp! We Win #Trump2024

The left knows we are infuriated. They want to push us to react exactly the way they did when Trump was elected. They burned down cities, vandalized federal property, attacked innocent people all because they didn’t get their own way and were trying to force Trump out of office. This isn’t true with us. We are justifiably angry and we’re going to handle it the right way come November. They may not like it but we’re going to vote for Trump again in 2024. He can salvage and save what’s left of our country.

Does it look the Democrats and their state run cable news are trying to push us into civil war? You bet they are so we don’t give it to them. Some moron in the media said we were waiting for the signal from Trump and our militia would go into action. Yes, they are THAT nuts. The mid terms are just months away and they know any act of violence would hand them a great talking point and turn the American people against Trump and his supporters. We do this the right way-vote them out and take away their power as much as possible.

My worry is just one person would go over the edge and lose it. I know i’m beyond livid over everything they’ve done and this raid was the last straw but i keep the brakes on. You take a deep breathe and focus. The mid terms are coming. My other worry is someone that isn’t too tightly wrapped will resort to violence . It’s only going to take one person and that brings me to my last worry. The FBI having a plant do it. So far though our MAGA family has reacted every way i knew we would and nobody has resorted to violence.We get it. We’re pretty sharp and Trump is not going to call out for anyone to do anything violent. The left does that. Chuck Schumer did that. They let Antifa and BLM run rampant.

Our vocal only protests are going to frustrate the left so they’ll push even harder and act even more aggressive. Again, the mid terms are coming and we can hardly wait. Liz Cheney is going to get the boot out the door in a few days by a fantastic candidate in Wyoming, Harriet Hageman. Cheney’s political career is over. We win-they lose. It will be a small taste of the mid terms. They know it’s coming too.We win, they lose and we hold them accountable the right way. No violence is necessary. We don’t need their dirty tricks. We do need to stand up for our principles. Let them laugh. They can laugh all the way out the door if they want to. Mid terms baby, mid terms.