Does anyone really believe the basement dweller got 81 million votes(what are they up to now?)

Biden governs the way he campaigned. He hid in the basement the whole time and popped his head up when his staff would him. This was a red flag. Trump governed the way he campaigned. He worked his ass off and never took a win for granted. The Biden campaign must have known something. They did.

The one thing the media kept pressing was how we might not know the winner on election day. They mentioned it over and over. Hillary gave us a clue something was up when she told Joe not to concede ‘no matter what” and that was a hint of what they were up to.

They pulled off the steal but you can be sure they had a back up plan just in case it didn’t work. The plan was to say Trump was not the legitimate winner-they would have claimed Trump cheated. It’s the exact reason the media said we might not be sure that night and Joe was not to concede. The deal was to be sure Biden got installed no matter what. The steal was successful as we were all sitting on pins and needles for days AFTER we watched what looked like a slam dunk for Trump.

Back er up here. Trump got more votes in 2020 than in 2016.We were anticipating a landslide victory. The night of Nov 3rd it looked that way. Where did Biden pull a rabbit out of the hat?

Joe won ALL the core battleground states and those are exactly the same states where 2 circumstances of consequence came up to put it one way; 1. the results did not come in on Nov 3. election night. For various reasons the count was held up ie the media reported a water line break in Georgia and the crew was sent home.Later it turned out the report was wrong[if not false]and some of the crew-for whatever reason-stayed behind. Evidently that crew continued the count. When these core states were unable to give their results Trump was warned by the media not to make any announcements. At that point President Trump had a considerable lead. We all went to bed that night thinking Trump had probably gotten the landslide that was predicted but i also went to bed that night with the feeling something was off.

We all knew that night the whole thing was bizarre. I’ve been through many elections and none like that one.i know there’s Republicans who say let’s move on. Others say he lost fair and square nothing to see here. I’m telling you now; there is no way on earth the 2020 election was on the up and up. There’s no way on earth the basement dweller got 81 million votes and the battleground states were so screwed up it took days-if not weeks-to come up with the final results. Bull … they drummed up the votes that Biden needed for those states. It was just mere coincidence that’s where the election laws were UNCONSTITUTIONALLY changed, right?

All you have to do is trust the media, trust the Democrats, trust the backstabbing Republicans like the Georgia governor Kemp & ignore what you saw that night. Social media banned the sitting President for raising questions-and it became a taboo subject altogether. In fact the media made sure the Hunter Biden laptop scandal didn’t break before the election. Lo and behold we find out the FBI has had the laptop all along; another taboo subject.

Anyone who thinks the Democrats and their media allies are done is dreaming. They’ve come up with a new plot. Call the J6 riot at the Capitol an insurrection-it wasn’t. Accuse Pres Trump of inciting it. Lock the perps in prison and make sure they remain silent. They wouldn’t have to cheat Trump this time if they make sure he can’t even get on the ballot. In fact, try indict him and get him locked up. The bottom line is from the time he ran in 2016 they’ve done everything legal and illegal they possibly can to stop him. Of course they would cheat. There is no doubt in my mind. NONE. We watched them do it and now we’re supposed to be crazy for seeing it?

Name one person that was held accountable for the elaborate Russia Hoax. Name one person that was held accountable for lying to the FISA court, illegal leaks to the press, spying on an American citizen for political reasons.Sounds an awful lot like a coup doesn’t it? The FBI has been corrupted. The DOJ does the bidding of Biden. Trump was a tyrant? Biden’s checked out but he’s far from innocent.

How about Antifa and BLM and their insurrection when their stated purpose was to get Trump out of the White House?They burnt down cities, destroyed property and murdered people. They made an attempt to get to the White House and injured 50 Secret Service agents-some seriously-in that attempt Trump and his family were moved to the bunker for their own safety. Sounds like an insurrection to me.

I am not going to stop saying it; this is one time we really do have an illegitimate President. We better make sure the election laws are set straight for the midterms. Keep the elections free and fair but eliminate the chance for widespread fraud. Push back against the sham committee. Demand the Republicans impeach Merrick Garland. Keep in mind we have some closet never Trumpers willing to let the Democrats destroy Trump. Support the few good people who truly represent us. There are warriors like Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Green. Chuck Grassley. i’d watch my back with most of them [notably McConnell].

What am i trying to say here? One of my favorite sayings is, ‘if it aint broke don’t fix it’. Well, it is broke. The main thing i’m trying to say is that Biden isn’t the President. He shouldn’t be there but he is.

Vote in your primaries, vote in the mid terms and vote in 2024! Vote out the RINOS and Never Trumpers when you can. It’d be nice to give Trump a Congress he can work with in 24.