Are You Sure This Is the Hill You Want To Die On?

Nancy Pelosi passed the Red Flag gun law (HR.2377) in the House aided by these Republicans:

Adam Kinzinger

Fred Upton

Anthony Gonzalez

Brian Fritzpatrick

Chris Jacobs


In the Senate 15 Republicans voted for the bill, led by Mitch McConnell. No surprise there.

Here they are:: [by last name only]


Source: 13 House Republicans who voted for Biden’s ‘Infrastructure’ bill were: Bacon; Malliotakis; Don Young of Alaska; Adam Kinzinger of Illinois; Fred Upton of Michigan; Jeff Van Drew and Chris Smith of New Jersey; Andrew Garbarino, John Katko and Tom Reed of New York; Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio; Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania; and David McKinley of West Virginia.


Those are the instances i can think of right off the top of my head where Republicans caved and voted with the Democrats under Biden. i wouldn’t doubt there were more., McConnell is almost always leading the way or he acquiesces by his silence. It’s rare when you’ll see the Democrats go along with the Republicans. especially when Trump was President. They made a point of opposing him. Not these Republicans with Biden.

Think of all the times Murkowski*, Collins and Romney backed the other side

McConnell pulled a good one this time though by making a deal with Democrat Joe Manchin then getting burned in the end.Mitch should have been gone a long time ago. Why do they keep voting him in as their leader? He kept stabbing Trump in the back every chance he got.

McConnell had previously had assurances from Manchin that a massive reconciliation bill was not on the table anymore. Further, the GOP minority leader had been using the CHIPS Act, which Manchin supports, as leverage to stop the passage of billions of dollars for green boondoggles.

For reasons completely unknown, though, McConnell decided to trust Manchin, delivering the votes for the CHIPS Act. The moment that leverage was nuked, Manchin ran to Schumer, reversed course, and stabbed McConnell in the back.

Manchin has always done this. He’ll oppose a bill, pitch a hissy fit, make the news then reverse course at the last second. This wasn’t his first rodeo. McConnell a closet never Trumper has made dozens of bad decisions over the years. Beyond me why they keep voting this guy as their leader. He has no such qualities.Manchin’s one that W. Virginian’s keep falling for. He’s no moderate. Never has been.

Given all the times the Republicans have capitulated to the other side i was surprised they stood their ground on this one. It was a topic that trended on Twitter. Republican Senators opposed a bill that would boost benefits for veterans. If you dig into the weeds they appear to have had good reason to oppose it but they failed to realize the general public rarely digs into the weeds. Here’s the story:

Comedian Jon Stewart doubled down Friday on a viral rant ripping Republican senators who voted against advancing a bill that would boost benefits for veterans who were exposed to toxins from burn pits during their service in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Forty-one Republican senators voted against cloture Wednesday on the Honoring our PACT Act, accusing Democrats of using the measure to hide a “budget gimmick” that would permit $400 billion in spending unrelated to veterans’ health care. 

During an interview with Fox News Friday, the former “Daily Show” host insisted the bill was no different from the version that passed the Senate 84-14 in June.

“This bill is purely based on toxic exposure health care and benefits to veterans,” said Stewart, who urged viewers to look up the text for themselves.

Twitter showed a picture of Sen Ted Cruz giving other Republicans a fist bump and characterized as a reaction to blockage of the bill. Since the tweet had no context to speak of i couldn’t say if Cruz did the fist bump over this particular bill.

i get their point but i can’t believe they would pick this as a hill to die on when they’ve capitulated to the Democrats on so many other bills. People don’t get into the weeds on these bills so whether they had good reason or not [to block it]doesn’t matter. It wasn’t a good look. The Republicans are always the first to back our vets. The Democrats are well known for opposing our military more often than not. Trump- to his credit- was the first President to get the VA truly reformed.