The People Who Believe Biden Won the Election are Delusional or Clueless(could be they don’t care if he’s legit or not)

Before we get into this really touchy subject have to say this: i have never questioned the legitimacy of any election, regardless of party. I’m not saying i liked all the outcomes, not by a long shot. i am saying that i accepted them and the will of the people spoke. it is awesome to live in a country where you can witness the peaceful transfer or power. It’s something to be proud of no matter who we voted for. i was neve a birther. People were entitled to their opinion. It wasn’t worth the argument. You do you, I’ll do me. Obama was born in Hawaii and there was no reason his mother would travel all the way to another country to give birth then come back when all she had to do was give birth to her baby in Hawaii.

The point is i was not a birther and believed Obama had every right to run for President. If you were a birther i can respect your opinion. I won’t try to convince you to change it. We’ll just have to agree to disagree.

i wasn’t crazy about Obama.He is a socialist and his self admitted admiration for Marxists and violent radicals from the 60’s was troubling. i did not vote for him the 1st time or 2nd. I knew he was going to win because he ran a fantastic campaign and the 2 Republican candidates were weak and ran lousy campaigns. Plus Obama got overwhelming support from the black population and there was no way on earth to beat that either. Who in the black community was going to vote for Romney or McCain? i wasn’t crazy about them either but i did plug my nose and voted for them in the general election anyway*.Obama had all the enthusiasm on his side.[Much the same way Trump had all the enthusiasm on his side in 2020.]

Consider i never questioned the legitimacy of any election then consider the Democrats have a history of questioning every single Republican win. i’d never seen them go after any candidate like they did Trump though. They expected Hillary to win PERIOD. We know what they did before he won and we know what they did after he won. It was disgraceful. Much of it was illegal. You have to be pretty damned desperate to get your power back to do what they did. The truth is they were not going to let him win again come hell or high water. After all the dirty tricks ,illegal activity, lies and corruption during his first term how could you put anything past them? It begs the question; would they cheat to stop Trump Given their behavior from 2016 on what do you think?

Now look at Biden. Let’s be frank, he didn’t campaign. How many times did they put a lid on his activity?

A presidential campaign can also call a lid when their candidate does not plan any more public events or appearances for the rest of the day.

Joe was so well known for having a lid on his campaign that people wrote news reports that headlined the fact.

Keeping a Lid on Things: Here’s How Many Times Joe Has Called It a Day Before 10 AM.

Biden’s handlers put ‘lid’ on campaign before noon 7 times in 14 days

The World Tribune article noted “Joe Biden has been in the basement and off the campaign trail for a third of the month in September.”

Search it and see how many times it comes up. I don’t see how you could call it a campaign. Joe spent more time in the basement than he did out campaigning while Pres Trump was holding his rallies as if he was campaigning for the first time back in 2016. He took nothing for granted.

The New York Times reported the difference in campaigns; in fact they used the difference to attack Trump.

What Joe Biden’s Event Was Like

As one candidate plays to a nearly empty room, another prepares for a rally with health risks.

Now if you saw how the campaign was going for the incumbent President and how it was going for Biden what conclusion would you reach if you were in the Biden camp? Say you were determined to take out Trump and willing to do anything,what would you do?

They made sure campaign laws were changed in the swing states. The states that could turn the election either way. They violated the Constitution and changed the laws outside the legislative bodies that had the authority to set election laws. We were also told numerous times that we might not know the winner on election night. They stressed that point over and over.Odd wasn’t it? Election night appeared to have Trump winning in the landslide that was expected.

We all know what happened that night. We keep getting told that it wasn’t unusual. We keep getting told that we didn’t really see the election count stopping, in of all places the swing states. We keep getting told that we didn’t see what we saw and to move on. It’s not just Democrats saying this; there’s plenty of RINO’s and weak kneed Republicans thinking we need to move on.They all try to convince us that saying the election was stolen is nothing more than a conspiracy theory. They also try to convince us there was fraud but not enough to throw the election. Social media social media banned Pres Trump for saying it was stolen. The subject is taboo. They want us to think it’s crazy. The truth is they’re the crazy ones for thinking it was all on the up and up and Joe overwhelmingly won. There isn’t a lick of evidence, anecdotal or otherwise, to prove Joe actually won. Where are those 81 million Biden supporters?

Now there’s liberals,Democrats,media and RINO’s saying Trump was involved in an ‘insurrection’ for questioning the election results and hoping the VP would reject the certified electors. There was no insurrection; for all intents and purposes there were people involved in a riot and some who were only there to protest. However, Trump had every right to refuse to concede and question the election.

Constitutional lawyer Ivan Raiklin on Dec. 22 sent out a tweet urging Vice President Mike Pence to inform the secretaries of state in six contested states that he cannot accept their certified electors because they were not legally appointed due to overwhelming evidence of election fraud.

Raiklin contends that the U.S. Constitution grants the Vice President the power to overturn a manifestly fraudulent election.

Under Art. II, Section 1 of the Constitution, each state, as its legislature “may direct,” will “appoint” its electors. Because the six disputed states (Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin) ran entirely fraudulent elections, and because their legislatures did not dictate fraudulent elections, there is nothing to certify, Raiklin said.

Because the six state legislatures did not authorize fraud as a basis for selecting electors, Raiklin contends, those states could not and did not validly certify their electors on Dec. 14.

Rest of article here:

When Trump made the comment during his speech that he hoped Pence would ‘do the right thing’ this is exactly what he meant. Trump was fully within his constitutional rights to hope Pence would not certify the electors that were questionable but he made no effort to stop Pence either. Then Trump told the rally attendees to march to the Capitol and peacefully and patriotically let their voices be heard. When it was all said and done Trump left D.C. for Florida and Biden was sworn in on Jan 21. (Some insurrection).

I used an earlier blog entry to point out why i am convinced the J6 riot was an FBI set up that Pelosi was probably aware of and helped pulled off by declining the National Guard protection Trump offered her.

Their scheming against Trump isn’t done either.

What was their 1st act in Congress? They tried to pass HR! aka as the Voting Rights act. What would this act do if it had been passed into law? Federalize elections giving them the power to do everything they did in 2020 with a clear path. Fortunately it didn’t pass. It’s not stopping them though and they’re onto the next plot; keep Trump from running at all. This is what the J6 hearings are all about. They hope to either keep him from running or do enough damage to keep him from winning. How far would they go?

They would even try to use the J6 hearings to come up with a way to indict him and send him to prison if it’s possible.

So no one can tell me these people weren’t capable of cheating enough to get Biden installed. Anyone who believes otherwise has to be nuts or naive; or doesn’t care if they did and that’s worse. Those are the Democrats and RINO’s like Cheney and Kinzinger. They’re not the only RINO’s though. There’s plenty more backstabbers in the swamp. You know them by their silence.

*I voted for McCain and Romney in the general election but NOT in the primaries. i was totally behind Herman Cain and did a phone bank for his campaign. He withdrew and i was just heartbroken. i voted for Gov Huckabee in the primary. He was still on the ballot in our state. IF any candidates stood a chance of winning the general election at all it was those 2. They were good people and great candidates.