Let the Democrats Cannibalize Their Presidential Candidates

there’s probably a good argument for having a boat load of candidates for a presidential primary. i’ve watched it in practice. It’s not THAT great. You get them all lined up on the debate stage and there’s generally 3 or 4 that you question why they are even there.

On the Democrat side you know they are pretty much going to be in lockstep with the platform. On the Republican side they are pretty much going to be in lock step with the platform. In the end there isn’t anything new to be learned. The truth is when you get anywhere from 10-17 candidates it looks ridiculous.

For me, i’ve always thought the debates looked ridiculous period. So i take a pass when it comes to making a decision based on debate performances during the primaries.

The mid terms this year are going to be unique and especially important. The 2024 election is going to be by far the most intriguing.

i’ve been angry and put off with the discussions on the 2024 election. i’m also very concerned for a host of reasons.

There seems to be a small group of people who want Trump out and they’re not Democrats.

Thankfully it is a small group and the majority of us can’t wait to vote Trump in 24. I’ve made up my mind i’m not going to let them pull this stunt and give the Democrats aide and comfort.

i wouldn’t be surprised if there were Democrat operatives thinking this is an opportunity to stir the pot on the Republican side. i’m not saying the people doing the talking aren’t genuinely convinced Trump shouldn’t run. i am convinced the Democrats would take advantage of that debate and get it rolling.

i’ll say it. The candidate they want to see run instead of Trump is DeSantis. i believe he is good governor but i cannot get behind him for President. Two different offices.

i’m also astonished after all that Pres Trump accomplished and everything he was put through that in 2 seconds they don’t bat an eye about saying “next”.

Most incumbent Presidents get a 2nd term. He didn’t. Why are they so quick to throw him under the bus then?

i can’t see stirring up a rivalry that doesn’t exist. Why are people doing it then?

Let the Democrats deal with a cattle call of candidates. They’ll just cannibalize themselves.

The rivalry would tear apart the Republican party and as crappy as the Democrat party is that might give them sunlight.

i have my heart set on voting Trump in 24. IF the Democrats destroyed him that would make me angry. If the Republicans were to destroy him it would be demoralizing.

i heard grumblings he didn’t drain the swamp. Frankly i had no idea myself how deep and murky the swamp was. i know that no one person could drain it and finding anyone in politics you can trust is mission impossible.


You’re Donald Trump. You’ve just been elected the 45th President of the United States.You look over at Congress and there’s the crew you have to work with. It’s not bad enough you’re stuck with Nancy Pelosi in the House you have Mitch McConnell in the Senate. McConnell, the guy who couldn’t stand the tea party.The guy who probably can’t stand you.

I noticed that Mitch was willing to work with Trump appointing judges but quite frankly didn’t know Trump the rest of the time. The relationship between Pelosi and Trump was a story in itself. Pelosi had pure hatred for Trump. Between McConnell and Pelosi he had his hands full. i can’t think of 2 worse people to be stuck with.Can you imagine trying to work with these people? The Democrats had a majority in both chambers plus you had a number of rinos who may as well have been Democrat.

Between the swamp in Congress and the Deep State[in the intelligence community]on his heels all the more reason to give Trump cred for what he was able to accomplish in spite of them. The first 3 years in office the Russia Hoax was hanging over his head followed by not one but 2 impeachments. It’s amazing he got anything done at all.

Let’s look at some of his major accomplishments. I’d put his immigration policies at the top of the list. Reagan was the last President who actually tried to get a handle on it. Trump made major headway from his remain in Mexico to building the wall. He had other immigration policies he would have liked to get done but he definitely got the numbers down considerably and ended the caravans. Reagan would have been proud had he lived to see it. What Trump needed was a majority of like minded Republicans in Congress but given all that he did get done, under the circumstances, he did fantastic.

The next great accomplishment was building up our depleted military and projecting peace through strength. He ended U.S. entanglements in foreign countries. got NATO to pony up, had our military destroy the ISIS caliphate and brought about the Abram accords in the Middle East.He recognized the capitol in Jerusalem and moved our embassy there. All remarkable achievements.

It doesn’t get mentioned often but i would put his getting our hostages home at the top of his list of accomplishments. Even a CNN reporter had to admit it. The headline from a CNN article in 2019 read This Is Something Trump Can Boast About. Trump did it with an change in the hostage policy of the previous Obama administration.


I attribute much of Trump’s success in foreign policy to his America First posture.

Another accomplishment of the Trump administration was the USMCA agreement where he finally tossed out the horrid NAFTA agreement. If Trump didn’t do anything else that alone was a major benefit to the United States. NAFTA had to be one of the worst trade agreements ever made on behalf of the U.S. It was that giant sucking sound of factories and jobs from the United States.

I think the accomplishment that tops all is moving our country to energy independence. After all these years we were no longer at the mercy of OPEC. If you’re younger you have no idea how many years we spent captive to circumstances in the Middle East. He actually moved us to a position where we could export our energy to other countries.Pinch me.It really is hard to believe but it’s real. When the price of oil dropped substantially he made the smart move of buying up enough to replenish our reserves so we’d have fuel in case of an emergency ie war.

Last but not least was his appointment of conservative justices to the Supreme Court. He kept his word. We lived to see the day Roe v Wade was overturned. Pinch me again.

I would never say Trump was above criticism but he got too little credit for any of these remarkable achievements. All the American people heard for 3 yrs was Russia, Russia, Russia. For 4 yrs it was one investigation after another. When it wasn’t the Democrats attacking Trump, it was the Never Trumpers.

I’m going to be frank here. There’s a handful of people bringing up a replacement for Trump. They would just as soon he didn’t run. I’d say the Trump supporters are in the majority and there isn’t a candidate who can win without us,that includes in the mid terms. i’m not going to help out the Democrats and become an unwitting accomplice for them. i know these people mean well but it would be very destructive for the Republican party. We have a great candidate in Trump and this talk he’s going to lose is nonsense.

DeSantis took advantage of Trump being out of office. The problem for any President when he leaves the office is losing the headlines and the ability to affect policy. They no longer have a platform. In Trump’s case he was banned from social media making communication even more difficult. DeSantis filled that void but i’ll be frank here. The office of a governor is different from the office of President especially if you’re fortunate enough to have a legislature that works with you-not against you.

DeSantis doesn’t have the swamp or Deep State to deal with. Trump had the DOJ and the intelligence community on his heels for his whole first term.

DeSantis hasn’t had 2 impeachments hanging over his head either. It bears repeating; it’s amazing what Trump was able to accomplish given the circumstances he was dealing with including an uncooperative legislative body.

Here i want to bring up another accomplishment of Trump’s we’d do well not to overlook. Look at the people he brought into the Republican party. There were people who never voted before. He brought in more minorities than any Republican candidate that they could have only dreamed of. He even brought in some Democrats. He brought in the working class.He brought in the forgotten men and women politicians ignored for years.

Unfortunately it turns out there were too many back stabbers in the Republican party. Now we have some people who are willing to throw him under the bus and not give it a 2nd thought. He’s only been out of office 2 yrs and they’re already moving on.Trump should have gotten a 2nd term. He earned it. You mean to tell me they didn’t support a 2nd term for Trump? I’m floored. i doubt that’s the case so i’m not sure why they wouldn’t want to support his 2nd term in 2024? i won’t play into the rivalry but i will say this; if DeSantis throws his hat in the ring it will reveal where DeSantis was all along. I know this is going to infuriate a lot of people but i support Jim Jordan to join Trump on the ticket and become his VP. I’ve always thought highly of Jim Jordan. He’s one of the few people i have never heard even consider running for higher office. He’s given his all to supporting conservative principles in Congress. For me,that’s the kind of person you want on the ticket.

Does Trump have flaws? Sure but i’ll be darned if i’m going to help out the opposition attack him.I don’t count his brashness as a flaw where some people do. Sorry, but we have enough Republicans who lack a spine. They think you can play nice with the other side. You see where that got us? You think they play nice in the Democrat party? How often do they back our policies and vote with us compared to the times the Republicans cave into them? Better to be brash when the media are operatives of the Democrat party. After what they did to Trump and his associates i don’t have any desire to see us become kinder and gentler. It’s time to be ready for battle. We need warriors like Trump, like Jim Jordan, like the MAGA candidates running this year.

I’m not going to disparage Ron DeSantis but i’m not going to back him as our candidate for President either. I’ll support him for governor of Florida. He’s earned another term in that state. In fact the other Republican governors could learn a thing or 2 from DeSantis provided they have the same circumstances. I’m not willing to criticize other Republican governors if they are honestly trying and working with what they have. If they’re rinos that’s another matter.DeSantis has been the cream of the crop though. i have to give him props.On the other hand i am concerned he’s an opportunist. If he decides to throw his hat in the ring and challenge Trump then my concern would be justified. We’ll see.

Trump is going to run and Trump is going to win. i don’t buy the nonsense that Trump is apt to lose the general election.His base is strong and i don’t know of any candidate-either in the mid terms or general-that can win without us.

Let the Democrats run their primary with 17 [give or take a few [candidates. They will eat themselves alive. IF it means their destruction i’m all for it. It’s them or us.. It’s going to be a simple and clear choice for the American people,. socialism or freedom.

We know what Trump can do. We’ve already seen what he can do. Give him MAGA to work with and he’ll right the ship in no time. I’m 100% committed to Trump 2024.