Enemy of the People

Besides the Democrat party, Hillary Clinton and the FBI what other political activist group played a major role in the Russia Hoax? If you said cable news and some newsprint ie the New York Times you are correct.

A lot of us knew the story was fishy.

Let’s refresh our memories.

Dan Bongino knew it was fishy. He spelled it out in his book Spygate.

Dan made an observation during the question period. Sebastian Gorka basically asked if any of these people would see justice. Dan says not likely. He was right. None of these actors were ever brought to justice. The media was their conduit for leaks,legal and illegal. The media was their go to for the Russian Collusion narrative.

This is going to be important when i lay out what the Democrats and media were going to do next.

Their intent was to keep Trump from winning and getting their gal Hillary in. They even exonerated her of any wrongdoing as Secretary of State under Obama.

Most us knew it all smelled fishy. People like Dan Bongino, Greg Jarrett of Fox News, Mark Levin and Lee Smith did a lot of digging and uncovered the Hoax. They connected the dots. There were too many people who bought the lie and were convinced Trump was a Russian agent; it could be argued that Hillary was actually the agent of Russsia.

Lee Smith also wrote a fantastic book about the Russia Hoax called The Plot Against the President.There’s the coup. The first attempt to get Pres Trump out of office. At the end i’ll post the titles and authors with links to all these great books.

We spent 3 yrs enduring an investigation we paid for chasing this nonsense. An impeachment followed. A 2nd impeachment followed because Trump made a call to the new President of Ukraine, congratulated Zelensky and asked him to follow up with an investigation into the corrupt business dealings of Joe Biden in Ukraine.A phone call that Trump released the transcript of to the public.

Joe wasn’t hiding it. He stupidly bragged about his quid pro quo arrangement to protect his son Hunter.

This is why President Trump asked President Zelensky to look into the Biden’s shady business dealings in Ukraine. Joe brags about a Quid Pro Quo. Trump was perfectly justified in asking.

We all remember Adam Schiff going to the cable networks on a regular basis-weekly i would say-telling everyone who listened he had the evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, that he never produced. The FBI texts that were exchanged between Peter Strozk and Lisa Page were eye openers. The Deep State was not a conspiracy theory.

They all got away with the Russia Hoax. Not one perpetrator would face justice. The media could never retract a whole story they played a role in. They only revealed themselves. i can’t imagine anyone believing anything they ‘report. Unfortunately there are 2 groups of viewers: Democrats who believe everything they hear and Democrats who don’t care that the media is lying.Jeff Sessions was pressured to recuse himself and didn’t have the spine to push back. Bill Barr was worse. He simply didn’t do squat.He may have feared impeachment but whatever the reason he was a failure (He would fail again in 2020).

In Pres Trump’s final SOTU address he swore that the U.S. would never become a Socialist country. Nancy Pelosi showed her rage and disdain by doing something no Speaker had ever done. She publicly tore up the SOTU transcript behind his back. Never forget those 2 moments.

Their first coup attempt would be nothing compared to their next plan of action in 2020.

Under scrutiny my eye. How many instances did we see and nothing came of it? Was she censured in Congress? *Crickets*

The Insurrection of 2020 Was Coming


A series of anti-government, leftist rallies set to descend on major cities nationwide Saturday is drawing the attention of local officials, who, like the organizers themselves, fear the events could be hijacked by violent masked anarchists.

The left-wing “Refuse Fascism” group is using Nov. 4 as its kickoff for demonstrations in nearly two dozen U.S. cities, protests it says will continue “day after day and night after night ─ not stopping ─ until our DEMAND is met.

The “DEMAND” is the removal of President Trump and Vice President Pence.

Source: https://www.foxnews.com/us/antifa-apocalypse-anarchist-groups-plan-to-overthrow-trump-regime-starts-saturday

Recall an investigation? Any hearings on Capitol Hill? Where was the condemnation by Biden and Harris? The mob* is the militant wing of the Democrat party. The media is their propaganda arm.

While these terrorist groups had their plans to oust Trump from office there were other plans in the works to help Biden and stop Trump through the electoral process. The plans were all being hatched by the Democrats and set into place in the swing states.How were they going to sell Biden to the voters when he barely campaigned? Tucker Carlson knows how. It was obvious to many of us. Everyone else was being gaslit by the people carrying water for him-the media. One aspect of it; the other plan involved CHEATING their asses off.


Sedition by sabotaging the electoral process; violation of the Constitution. They pulled it off by taking advantage of the pandemic and not giving lawmakers the chance catch on and remedy the situation. before election day. The damage was already being done.

The Democrats didn’t have to cheat in all 50 states.Some people may mistakenly think you’d have to have widespread voter fraud to throw an election enough to make a difference. Nope. Not so and it would be extremely difficult anyway.You only have to cheat where it would matter to the electoral college; the swing states were their target. Those swing states were critical. A handful of states wouldn’t be too difficult especially if they had the plan all mapped out early on. They did. They started changing the election laws and in some stations they kept the observers at a distance They weren’t stupid. The less scrutinized the elections are, the more likely there will be shenanigans. The media was on their side. They didn’t have to worry about exposure.

The Constitution clearly states election laws are to be determined by the legislative body of the states.

Now pause and think back to everything they had done so far to stop Trump; it begs the question,would they be willing to cheat in an election to stop Trump? IF past behavior predicts future you would have to say yes. If you look at their current behavior you have no doubt The big question though is not whether they could or whether they would, the answer to both is yes but whether or not they did and if it was enough to change the outcome.

‘We have a constitutional crisis that nobody wants to talk about’

This is why VP Pence should have stood up and did the right thing -if the Republicans were ever going to grow a spine this should have been the time. The sad truth about Mike Pence is that we thought of him as a man of principle but when it came down to it he lacked the courage he needed. Principle went out the window that day. i hate to be dramatic but he sealed our fate for 4 yrs.

Now look where we are. We have to ask the same question again; how far are the Democrats willing to go to stop Trump? The answer is the same. They will do whatever it takes to stop him in 2024. The purpose of the January 6 committee is to stop Trump. Honestly, they would lie, cheat and steal to stop him before 2024. Unfortunately we have some RINO’s that would help them out. Some quietly and others publicly like Liz Cheney. We have a media willing to push the phony insurrection narrative and broadcast the big production of the j6 hearings.

There were no hearings over the violent riots in 2020. The media said they were mostly peaceful protests. They got a pass. Heck, they got a pat on the back.

People can argue all they want but Biden is not the legitimate President. He was installed.

Social media banned a sitting President of the United States for saying as much. You get a lot of flack for even questioning the 2020 election. It’s a taboo subject and will get you nailed,mocked, censored and banned. You have to wonder; if it’s not true why go to so much trouble to bury it? You would think they’d want us to be out there making fools of ourselves. The problem is we saw what happened that night, election night. It didn’t make sense. i can tell you in my many years of watching elections i had never seen anything like it before. i had never questioned the validity of any election whether i liked the outcome or not. i had faith in our system. The peaceful transfer of power was always an awesome event to witness. It makes you proud to be an American. The 2020 election was different.

They know they cheated. The media helped them cheat and carried water for Joe so they definitely know what the truth is. i’m sorry there are Republicans who think Biden won fair and square. They want to move on and hope we give it up. You would think they’d at least want to investigate. i’m surprised they’re not more concerned about future elections. i guess if you have your head up your butt and go with the status quo it doesn’t really matter what happened in 2020. Ignorance is bliss?

You have to wonder why the Democrats and media are so desperate to stop Trump from running in 2024? It’s one thing to try to beat your opponent at the ballot box. It’s quite another to try to stop someone-he meets the Constitutional requirements- from running .If the media doesn’t report it,is it happening at all?

Did Joe let the truth slip out?

Where Is Ray Epps?

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  • i have video of mobs attacking Trump supporters during the 2016 campaign. It’s omitted here. There is video of mobs harassing Justices Thomas and Kavanaugh but it’s also omitted in this entry. Chuck Schumer is directly responsible for the justices being attacked. He incited the mobs.Where are those hearings?