July 14, 2022 Cheney – “The Deceiver”

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Common Man Thoughts

Another troubling, yet accurate, attribute of Liz Cheney (T-WY) is deceiver. Let’s simply deal with the quote from her interview with ABC’s John Karl, cited in the July 10th post. “The single most important thing is protecting the nation from Donald Trump.” (1) So, just what has the “big, bad orange man” done that requires her giving us protection?

The following list is by no means exhaustive. One could write a book about all the “dastardly” things President Trump has done for the American people.

  1. First on the list, because it affects all others; Cheney and this committee must save us from a President that keeps his promises. Of course we need protection from the idea that Washington can function as intended and do good things for all Americans. We might conclude that a non-politician businessman can get things done when all of the inept politicians cannot. Besides, Trump is…

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