An Open Letter to Our Great President Trump

i was thinking about writing this since the rally and finally got around to scribbling some notes the other night. First off let me say how sorry i was to read the news about your friend PM Abe of Japan. Terrible. It’s hard enough to picture someone shooting an innocent human being let alone murdering someone because you disagreed politically. He was so gracious to you (and vice versa)when you visited his country that the whole visit was memorable; as were all of yours but that one stayed with me the most. Japan is a remarkable country.

That said,the main reason i was planning to write-before we heard the terrible news-is because you looked heartbroken at the rally. You had this i can’t believe what has happened to our beautiful country thanks to Joe and the corrupted election. I saw it in your eyes, your demeanor and your face.Yes, it’s hard to take. Sometimes it feels like 2024 is never going to come; that it’s too many years away and they’re dragging slowly.We know you won in 2020. I have no doubt in my mind and that holds true for a lot of other people. What infuriates me are the skeptics or the people who think it’s just time to move along like nothing happened (they’re the most infuriating). i don’t have to tell you that the Democrats are corrupt enough to steal an election. They have proven time and time again they will do anything to keep you from winning the office of President, no matter how low they have to sink. i’m’ stating the obvious. I can’t believe there are people who can’t see it.

They stuck that guy in there? If they were going to steal it you think they could have used a better patsy. i suppose though,they would prefer to go with the one who would be the easiest to manipulate. Since Joe has no clue what is going on they made the perfect choice. Unfortunately for them that also has a down side. Now the Democrats and media are laying all the blame on Joe. From the same people who gave us Joe.They helped the big scam.They covered up for him and set it up so he would be installed. The biggest problem they have IS Joe but besides him it’s the policies. They wouldn’t work no matter who they installed.

What’s truly bizarre is that if they had only left your policies in place they could have tried to take credit for a great economy not to mention a secure border but they were too stupid and determined to ‘transform’ the country into their vision of it. Never let an ideologue run a country., especially Marxists like these people.

What i really wish for now other than the dream that you are in your rightful place in the White House is that you could do an interview or hold a rally and say ‘i wish i could make the formal announcement for my 2024 run now and i would but there’s these rules you have to follow. We’ll wait until the time is right and make it formal.” Could you get away with that statement? It’s as much as making a formal announcement w/o actually making it. Kind of love the idea.

I know the corrupt bastards are still at it and not only want to keep you out of the White House but actually have the audacity to try to keep you from running, period. That takes some chutzpah.We,the Ultra Maga. formerly known as the Deplorables are still at it too and we’re not giving up until we can call you the 46th President of the United States. You earned your 2nd term. You got robbed. We got robbed. The truth is the. Dems, the backstabbers, Never Trumpers and Deep State made your first term hell with Russia gate, 2 impeachments and all kinds of craziness. Who in their right minds would want to give these people any power? All they do is abuse it and trample on our Constitution. They target their political enemies and destroy their lives. I don’t have to tell you do I?

I saw the pain, frustration and disgust in your face at that rally and thought how difficult it must be for you especially to see what Joe and his puppet masters have done to our country after all the great things you achieved for it and planned to achieve in your 2nd term. You can’t give up though. You hang in and we will stand by you all the way. That one sweet moment will come when you raise your hand again and say i, Donald John Trump, do solemnly swear… then the work begins.

I probably shouldn’t bring this up but i’ll do it anyway. i know the person a lot of people are looking at for your VP choice. You’re going to hear the name frequently and be under a lot of pressure to pick him. I may be the only one out here who isn’t in that camp. I have been thinking how great a pick Jim Jordan would be for your running mate and eventually VP. Jim has never had any ambitions to run for President that i’m aware of. He’s always been a real warrior in Congress and when you were elected he was 100% s supportive of you. I honestly can’t think of anyone in DC who was more loyal to you than Jim. He has always been a person to stand for conservative principles. Most politicians are all talk. Jim is a doer. He keeps his word. The guy has never had any motives other than do the job he’s got. How many people in DC could claim that. How many people in the Republican party could claim that? He’s certainly got the conservative bona fides. Jim is a warrior ands one of the founders of the Freedom Caucus.



You’ve probably heard Jim at various hearings. Is he ever sharp! If you’re a corrupt Democrat or from a corrupt agency[]ie the FBI you don’t want to be questioned by Jim. Remember, he’s one of the people McCarthy picked for the unselect committee and crazy Pelosi rejected him.

I’m behind Jim Jordan as a VP pick all the way. i may be the only one but i’m sticking with it. However, no matter who you pick-Jim or anyone else-you’ve always got my vote. As long as you’re the top of the ticket that’s all that matters. You’re still my President and we all know-even the Democrats know-that you’re the legitimate President. Joe is a crook. Always has been. Come 2024 we win, they lose.

Clean house Mr. President! The rats have revealed themselves.