Those Crazy Kids (the Democrat party)

A recent poll showed 88% of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction.

It seems like an incredibly high number so i can’t say how accurate the poll is but i do know people are not happy with how things are going, particularly gas and food prices. The poll could be spot on. If it is that’s not all Republicans dissatisfied with Biden. It would have to include Independents and Democrats.

I’m going to assume some of it is buyer’s remorse-although i’m sure plenty on the left knew what we were getting with ‘lunch bucket’ Joe.Before we go on i want to make one thing perfectly clear. i don’t believe Joe won the election. Joe is a Pino. You’re free to be skeptical about it-I’m not.

i don’t want that to be the main focus though. What i have noticed just the past week is people in the Democrat party running for cover. Tucker Carlson did a segment 7/6/22-the other night about Democrat candidate Tim Ryan of Ohio who is running for the House.

.Ryan was a huge Biden supporter in 2020 and joined Biden on the campaign trail. For his own Ohio campaign he’s going solo. No Biden.

Now every time a reporter asks him about NOT having Biden campaign for him he dodges the question. It’s obvious. He’s trying to be diplomatic and avoid having to say he doesn’t want Joe there at all. What is up here? The media is actually letting some honest coverage of Joe slip out too, which means it’s not all positive.

IF the left is really turning on Biden you have to be puzzled. He’s done everything they wanted him to do by executive order or the legislative branch. When he can’t enact it by either he goes to the courts. Pure leftist. .. Marxist of course. You have to wonder why on earth they’d turn on him. He’s mentally checked out but they knew that.

Here’s the possibilities i thought of:

Buyer’s Remorse? He’s not doing what they expected? I know there are people in that category.i don’t get how they did not know. He let it be known. He said what his intentions were on the campaign trail. Trump warned the American people.

Know why Biden has Obama holdovers in his administration?

Remember this:

There’s no reason anyone should be surprised. Do you see puppet (Joe) and puppet master (Obama)?

Do you see Climate Change as cover for Marxism?

They supported the agenda but had no idea how that would translate into reality ie high gas prices, inflation, rampant crime, deaths in Afghanistan, Russian aggression .So they thought Venezeula just didn’t know how to do it right but the U.S. would?

They were ok with the agenda until it negatively impacted them?

It could be the midterms are coming up and they’re scheming. Maybe they’re distancing themselves from Biden to save their own skin?

Maybe they figure he’s not doing a good enough job of selling the program?They think it’s the messenger, not the message. They’re not considering the possibility it’s the message and messenger both.

Biden is a terrible president because he’s not mentally there-and in my book he’s not the legitimate President anyway. Biden is a terrible President because he’s destroying our country with the leftist agenda.

Those crazy kids are not going to fool us. They can distance themselves from Biden but they can’t distance themselves from the agenda. They OWN it.

We Were Warned

President Trump was right about a lot of things wasn’t he?

NOTE: entry edited for corrections & addition of videos