Hang In There #MAGA Warriors (a message of encouragement on this July 4th year of our Lord 2022

It’s been a tough year for everyone whether you’re a MAGA warrior or not. The Biden administration is a total disaster but we knew it would be. We just didn’t think his destruction would happen as quickly as it has. We all know Trump won and probably in a landslide. I am absolutely convinced they cheated for Biden to make sure he was installed. It’s not a conspiracy, wishful thinking or our being stubborn. i had never seen an election like the one we witnessed in 2020. i’m sure they know it too and that’s why they were so anxious-and still are-to shut down any talk of a stolen election. They’ve certainly gone to great lengths to bury it. If it weren’t true they’d just let us make fools of ourselves and let the facts speak for themselves. You only have to look at their reaction to know we’re right.If Biden had so much support(huge numbers they told us)why are they so guarded about him and the media protecting him?

The only problem we have is there is no method of recourse other than to vote for Trump in 2024. Any shot at recourse we had was back when Mike Pence had the opportunity to do the right thing and have some of the questionable polls investigated. It would only have postponed the results a little bit longer and the Democrats had already done that long enough. They would have had no room to criticize another delay.

Fortunately we have the mid terms coming. There’s a lot of talk about a red tsunami. I’d like to think there will be but it’s only going to happen if we really turn out the vote. There’s a lot of MAGA candidates coming up like Kari Lake, Harriet Hageman, Mary Miller. We ladies are really stepping up to the plate in 2022. There’s maybe 1 or 2 questionable MAGA candidates who won their primaries but we have to give them props. i’m going to write a blog entry in the near future about one of those candidates and explain why i’m even going to get behind this person 100%. I know it’s hard to get behind a candidate who claims to be MAGA when their bona fides look suspicious at best.

I felt a terrible loss when Vernon Jones didn’t win the primary but the poll was open and that may have been the deciding factor. The Republicans are nuts for having an open primary where Democrats can vote and affect the outcome. It’s just plain stupid and needs changed. Vernon was the best candidate and definitely MAGA.It took a lot of courage for Vernon to switch party’s and back Trump.

Now we have to talk about our wave killers and i bet you know exactly what i mean. We certainly found out who all the back stabbers were back in 2020. They revealed themselves.

McConnell has to go. McCarthy is on thin ice. He better redeem himself. McConnell is beyond redemption. Let’s not have his lackeys take over either. We definitely don’t need Mitch 2.0.

Leave it the Republicans to be on the verge of a victory and throw it out the window. We not only know who the backstabbers are-we know who the spineless are. There are people willing to go along to get along and there are a number who may as well join the other party. Trump is going to rally in Alaska and hopefully that will be the end of Democrat Lisa Murkowski’s political career. How do we light a fire on the weak Republicans? They’re not necessarily RINO’s but they don’t have the spine to stand up for us either.

i don’t want to be too critical because we have some warriors. They’re just few and far between. The first to come to mind is Jim Jordan. It’s why Pelosi kept him off her J6 committee. Marjorie Taylor Green, Matt Gaetz and Louis Gohmert are the only Republicans i’ve seen standing up for the J6 prisoners.They should all be speaking with one voice against the lack of due process and horrible treatment of these people. The least they could do is demand an investigation. They can’t even do that. They ought to be raising hell.

The Democrats have only 2 people to worry about, Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema. Manchin does a lot of huffing and puffing over the bills his party tries to pass but he always gives in eventually. The only conclusion you can reach is he’s good at theater production. Simply put, he’s all talk.

Now when the gun law came up for a vote look what happened. No less than 13 Republicans handed a win to Biden. They confirmed most of Joe’s nominees-more often than not they confirm all.Look what they did to Trump’s.

What did we get when Trump was President? Two impeachments and a 3 yr long witch hunt. Why do the Republicans give the Democrats anything after all the crap they’ve pulled not to mention the crap they are trying to pull? What do we have here; a bunch of closet Never Trumpers? The Republicans better keep an eye on the Democrats for the 22 and 24 elections. They cheated once and got away with it. Think they won’t try again? Our reps can do their part. For ours, we know we have to vote in huge numbers. We need the best turn out we’ve ever had. No choice.

Newsflash: there isn’t an election you can win without the Trump supporters.We’re here to support patriots who love our country, put America First and represent us. We don’t think highly of political opportunists who have their own agenda. We’re here for MAGA-not the uniparty, many of whom are probably in China’s back pocket like Biden.

Do the Republicans want a red tsunami or not? They better fight for it. Show us you deserve it. The Democrats are Marxist. Why even consider playing footsie with them? Have they given us any reason to play nice? I know, we have to “show them we are better people”. Baloney. We don’t have to show them anything.

Offense, baby, Offense. We can do this! A good defense is critical but you can’t get a win without great offense. Football requires a touchdown, right?