You May Not Condone It, but You Can Understand It Now,Right?

Before we look at the election of 2020 and the Capitol incident on Jan 6,2021 we have to go back to the election of 2016. It’s all tied together.

The Democrats were talking about the impeachment of Donald Trump before he was even sworn into office on Jan 21st. I’m not sure how that works. You usually have to wait until someone is at least sworn in, served and done something to warrant an impeachment.

On Jan 19,2017 at least 60 Democrats made it known they were not going to attend the inauguration. They called Trump illegitimate.

We all remember Maxine Waters and her call for intimidation/harrassment of Trump associates and the goal. They couldn’t go to a restaurant to eat with their families without being harassed by a mob and chased out :

We now know that Trump and his associates were spied on. We know that officials in the FBI lied to the FISA court to get warrants. We know that the Clinton campaign paid to get the Russia Collusion lie circulated and ultimately used by the FBI with the purpose of first defeating Trump in the 2016 race then getting him removed from office after he was elected.

Know what that’s called when you conspire like that to get a President removed from office? A COUP. It went on for 3 yrs until the plot was exposed. Know what happened to all the people involved in the attempted coup? If you said NOTHING you would be correct.

President Trump spent 3 yrs of his 4 yr term under investigation and the specter of impeachment for something he never did. George Papadopolous, General Flynn and Carter Page were all targets of the FBI.

This was our country on the day Trump was sworn in as reported by Euronews:

The explicit goal of the November 4 protests…. is to remove Trump and his administration from office. In order to achieve that end, millions of people will have to take to the streets of cities like New York, Austin and San Francisco, demanding that the administration step down, organizers told Newsweek

They weren’t done in 2016 because Trump was up for re-election in 2020.

They tried to get in the White House. Trump and his family are moved to the bunker. Secret Service agents are injured. I can’t identify which,if any, group these protestors would belong to. It could be BLM/Antifa or just a gathered group of people with the obvious target.

We remember the media calling it for the most part ‘peaceful protests’. Anyone recall Biden,Pelosi or the Democrats referring to the riots as an insurrection even after they tried to attack the White House? What about Antifa’s publicly stated goal of getting Trump out of office.

Compare the media coverage of all these riots from 2016 and 2020 to their characterization of the Capitol protest/riot on Jan 6?

Let me pose this question…what if the protestors on Jan 6 were convinced the election was stolen and viewed the people who had stolen or even won the election as a threat to the country and the Constitution-given what we know now could you at least understand it?

They watched the country burn with lawlessness by mobs in the streets get a slap on the wrist and the media being fairly complacent at the time because the President was Trump. They endured 3 yrs of the Russia lie and an unwarranted impeachment. They saw their own once trusted agencies like the FBI target an American president and his associates and even SPY on them, President included. Can you blame them for being fed up enough to go to the Capitol Building and protest. Now i’m not condoning attacks on police or violence like the left did when it was against Trump. i am saying if the Biden administration is everything they thought it was can you at least understand them? Our president was banned from social media and you weren’t even allowed to question the 2020 election while the media hid the Hunter Biden laptop story to protect Joe Biden. Yet ,they pushed the Russia collusion lie relentlessly.

Here is a group of protestors inside the Capitol building. There are statues. Anyone tearing them down? Where’s the graffiti? For that matter where are their weapons?

Some of those people could already be sitting in prison. We know one unarmed woman was shot and killed that day, Ashli Babbit.

Given that they weren’t wrong about the Biden administration can you understand it now?

I’m not asking anyone to condone what happened. i’m asking that people try to understand it. i AM asking for due process for the people who are imprisoned. They were given solitary confinement for months and no trial dates. They are considered Biden’s enemies so they don’t get due process?

Consider that the FBI is doing the bidding of the Biden administration and violating the Constitution for him.

Arrest without a valid search warrant

unlawful search and seizure of private property

violating attorney/ client privilege

To name a few.

i can’t believe the left thought Trump was a danger to democracy and they’re watching our country being taken over by a Marxist regime that is beholden to China.

i am convinced the Democrats were corrupt enough to steal an election and that Joe is not a legitimate president. What they accuse us of doing they’re doing themselves. The difference is we have proof. None of the people on Jan 6,2021 were calling for the removal of Biden from office. There was no insurrection. For all we know it was an FBI/Pelosi/Biden set up. Final questions; Where’s Ray Epps and why isn’t he in prison like the rest of the protestors? Where’s the Pipe Bomber? Was same even brought up at the Jan 6 hearings? Odd,no?

A side note that’s worth mentioning: I’m NOT into conspiracy theories. The earth is round, the 9/11 attacks were perpetrated by jihadists and planned by Osama Bin Laden(who is just as dead as Hitler), our astronauts landed on the moon, Obama was born in Hawaii. He was a legit President. My curiosity is piqued when events don’t pass the smell test. I am a firm believer in Occam’s Razor. The incident on January 6, 2021 was not an insurrection by a long shot but i am extremely suspicious it was an FBI/Pelosi/Biden plot-and God knows who else in the Democrat party knows the real story. .i am absolutely convinced the Dems were corrupt enough to steal the 2020 election and did.

When you count in the riots of 2016 as Trump was elected it’s longer than 8 months.We witnessed a REAL insurrection before Jan 6th; there was no committee called up to investigate. The cabal that orchestrated the coup against Trump were never held accountable for anything.