Abortion & the Catholic Politician (in light of the recent Supreme Court ruling)

A good place to start is with Catholic teaching.When Jesus observed Passover with his apostles He offered up the bread and said this is my body which will be given up for you.When Jesus died on the cross He gave up His body as the sacrificial lamb. When 2 people sacramentally marry they are giving themselves to each other and they consummate that commitment by giving their bodies to each other. If the woman gets pregnant she gives up her body. It begins at the moment of conception. When Mary pronounced her fiat-be it done unto me-Jesus was conceived in that instant. When the priest offers up the host in the Mass he says those same words of Jesus. This is my body which will be given up for you. What we see here is a recurring theme-sacrificing one’s body for the sake of the other in a good way.

Now if you listen to the pro abortion side of the debate you can hear the same words; This is my body but not for the same reason. This is my body and i’m not ready to make a sacrifice for another human being. It’s about my life, my time, my future. If you’re willing to destroy the life another person was part of creating i have to wonder how much commitment you really had to the person you were involved with.

In my opinion-and it’s opinion only-contraception opened the door to abortion and same sex marriage.

As a Catholic you know you are not permitted to use artificial contraception. Contraception that is readily available. The Church does not expect women to have children every time they turn around or that a family is able to afford more children than the ones they may already be raising. The Church is not trying to encourage people to be irresponsible. What the Church does teach is that we have a cycle and pregnancy can be planned responsibly with NFP. There are only a few days out of each month a woman can get pregnant and it’s those few days where one can abstain. If you’re a non Catholic none of this has any bearing on you. Contraception is readily available. Unfortunately i think artificial contraception opened the door to abortion, same sex marriage and broken marriages as well as promiscuous behavior outside of marriage. Nobody is looking to take contraception away from non Catholics. We are looking for protection of the right to follow our conscience-we should not be forced into providing contraceptives or abortions.

Abortion and contraception didn’t make children more wanted. It made them less wanted so it wasn’t that surprising that same sex marriage was legalized. i know there are couples who end up not having any children as much as they may have wanted them but that’s the exception. not the rule. When you have sexual relations you are likely to get pregnant. As much as contraception is available sometimes it is not used because it doesn’t really encourage responsible behavior.

There are intrinsic evils and Catholics are to oppose these evils in public choice. Abortion is an intrinsic evil and especially grave because it takes a human life. Euthanasia aka mercy killing would be opposed for the same reason. A Catholic politician can’t say that she would never have an abortion herself but it’s up to other women what they do. A male Catholic politician can’t say i personally oppose abortion but i can’t oppose the rights of others to have one. They are still participating in the evil that abortion is considered to be.

What if the life of the mother is endangered? It’s rare but it happens. You still cannot DELIBERATELY take the life of another innocent human being, which abortion does and is intended to do but ” operations, treatments, and medications that have as their direct purpose the cure of a proportionately serious pathological condition of a pregnant woman are permitted when they cannot be safely postponed until the unborn child is viable, even if they will result in the death of the unborn child”

From the  Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services, Fourth Edition.

I know that if someone is pro abortion they are going to bring up the worst possible circumstances and those are rape and incest. There’s no arguing that-they are the worst possible circumstances for the victim and both are crimes.

According to the Guttmacher Institute 1% of women obtain abortions for a pregnancy as a result of rape and 0.5 obtain abortions as a result of being impregnated by incest. Rare doesn’t make it any less traumatic for the victims and then to have the trauma compounded by an unplanned pregnancy has to be especially difficult. Difficult circumstances don’t change the evil added to evil by abortion. The problem here is that the innocent pay a bigger price than the perpetrator. The baby is given the death penalty. The woman suffers one trauma only to face another.

You could use the term difficult circumstances for almost any situation a pregnant woman might face.As a Catholic politician who cannot participate in an intrinsic evil especially to the extent they do(passing legislation) CAN participate in helping various organizations that reach out to women with difficult circumstances.

I’m sorry but 63 million abortions [and going] would be genocide under any other circumstances and flies in the face of the pro abortion motto, rare. It’s affordable because the taxpayers are expected to pay for it and have been. i’m not sure why these people need our tax dollars when they’re given massive donations not to mention the money they make directly from preforming abortions. They’re awash in money. Planned Parenthood is a revolving door and has nothing to do with helping people plan to become parents. They say choice a lot but never mention adoption.

Now there’s the Catholic teaching re abortion. We can now take a look at the Supreme Court ruling that overturned Roe V Wade and i’m going to make it brief.

The ruling did not ban abortion. All they said was the Supreme Court didn’t have the authority to rule on abortion which is what the court should have said in the first place. Even Ruth Bader Ginsberg-a die hard liberal all the way-knew the Roe V Wade ruling in 1973 was horrid and would probably end up overturned one day. We never really had the abortion debate. One side decided and it was forced on the rest of us for 50 yrs. The ruling that the left is pitching a fit about didn’t ban abortion-it sent the question back to the states where it belonged. Every state will decide. The people elect their legislators in each state.. These are the people who pass the laws and they answer to the people who elect them. This is where the question will be decided. i don’t get the big fit they’re having. i know Biden is stoking fear by telling people they will be arrested for having an abortion. It’s nonsense. but it is an election year. Nobody has ever been arrested for getting an abortion and it’s not going to happen now.

Besides, Biden and Pelosi are Catholics. They’ve rationalized their position on abortion to keep themselves in power but they’ve definitely forfeited their Catholic faith. It never stopped them from using their Catholic ‘membership’ for political purposes.