What Tucker Said 6.29.2022

if that doesn’t pique your interest in what exactly might have happened [in the 2020 election]nothing will

Tucker Carlson Tonight June 29.2022
Merrick Garland’s Justice Dept. (lack of) Don’t make Joe Biden mad. It’s a crime.

In all the years i have voted this is the first time i have ever questioned an election. When it came to the Bush-Gore fiasco i figured they could just duke it out and eventually it would be decided. i had faith in the system then. It would get resolved. I’ve always accepted the results, regardless of party. i may not like the results but that doesn’t delegitimize them. Not this time. It was different.

You remember the night of the 2020 election when the poll results were coming in and Pres Trump was winning re-election in a landslide. We all do. The results suddenly went up in the air and we went to bed bewildered and probably a little anxious. Nothing like this had ever happened before. I’m 69 yr old. I graduated in 1970 at the age of 17 and later that year[Nov]turned what would soon be the legal age to vote.On July 5, 1971, President Richard Nixon formally certified the 26th Amendment of the Constitution, which granted 18 year olds the right to vote. So the following year i would be able to vote in the first of many elections and i’d never seen anything take place even close to what took place in Nov of 2020. The media warned President Trump not to come out and make any announcements. It may have been 30-45 minutes later Joe Biden did and telegraphed he probably won the election. He didn’t say so but he certainly hinted it was going that way. When i went to bed i had a very uneasy feeling about how this was playing out. Normally i would have taken the results i was seeing and had cause for celebration. Our candidate was definitely the winner. Remember how the Democrats and their media kept saying we MIGHT not know the results on election night? The swing states-where the votes were especially critical-became the states in question. Georgia had a water line break or at least that’s what was being reported and that held them up. The poll workers could no longer count. It was later reported there was no main line break that would be cause to send people home. Some stayed behind according to video footage.

The image is based on an actual graph

Do a search of images for 2020 election night graphs. This is one of many.Now granted anomalies or strange goings on are not evidence of election fraud but it should raise suspicions and warrant an investigation. There’s no reason not to question the results for a host of reasons. i’ve gone over them numerous times in various blog entries so i’m not going to do a deep dive into the reasons again but i will highlight a few.

First are the election night anomalies as mentioned.

The fact that election laws were changed in some of the swing states by people who weren’t authorized to make election laws PERIOD-some in the 9th hour.

In Philadelphia there was a problem for the poll watchers who should have had access and been able to monitor the count. There’s video.

The highly suspicious water line break in Georgia and the video of poll workers remaining in the building.

The fact that Trump was leading in the polls. Everything pointed to a Trump landslide while the media kept driving home the point the winner might not be clear or announced on election night.

The down ballot Republicans did well and won which would normally indicate the MAIN candidate, in this case Pres Trump, had done well and likely also won.

Biden barely campaigned. The media carried water for him.The Trump rallies were huge. The economy was doing well too and typically when the economy is doing well-barring no major crisis-the incumbent almost always does well. People vote their pocket books. When Bill Clinton ran his motto was “it’s the economy stupid”. He had a point.

Nothing screamed problems with the election like the shenanigans in the swing states. You don’t change election laws midstream and you don’t let un-authorized people get away with changing them. It’s a violation of our Constitution. Mark Levin summed it up:

The Democrat Party, its surrogates, and eventually the Biden campaign instituted an unprecedented legal and lobbying campaign, mostly under the radar, as it was not well covered by the usual media outlets, to undermine our Constitution, the Republican state legislatures, and the Trump re-election campaign, in favor of Biden. In other words, the Constitution’s electoral process for choosing electors and ultimately the president and vice president was systematically and strategically attacked. 

When President Trump said he hoped VP Mike Pence would do the right thing he wasn’t saying that the election should be overturned. He was saying Pence should have never certified the electors from the states where the process violated the Constitution.

Mike Pence did not do the right thing. He did the easy thing and here we are now living through the Biden nightmare. What would have been the harm waiting a little longer? The Democrats were ok with extending the election for as long they could, to get the Biden ‘votes’.

It begs the question; are the Democrats and their media corrupt enough to defraud the American people w/ a stolen election? Look at the Russia collusion lie. All you need to know.

Hope you’ve seen Dinesh D’Souza documentary on the election, 2000 mules. IF you haven’t, make a point of seeing it. It’s worth the time and money.Want to claim it’s ‘debunked’? Show me.

All these are good reason to at least question the 2020 election and get the election laws in line with the Constitution again.Now that we have a little background let’s move on to the most important point i wanted to make here. If the election were legit and Trump et al were blowing smoke up their behinds why ban the President from social media? Why make questioning it a crime? Why come down so hard on anyone who believes it was stolen or points out the fraud? I’ve never seen a crackdown on the questioning of any election like we saw with this one.Truth is the Dems,the media and never Trumpers don’t want anyone to talk about it PERIOD. Why go to such extremes if there’s no truth to what they said?

They really want it buried. Why is that? Tucker is right. Why act like there is noting to see here and attack freedom of speech, especially when there are legitimate concerns?

Remember the first act of Congress after Biden was installed. They wanted to codify everything they(Dems and media) did in 2020. It was known as HR1 or the voting rights act in which they planned to pass into law all the unconstitutional acts they used in 2020. It would have made it incredibly easy to cheat in future elections.The voting ‘rights’ act revealed their 2020 plot.

They bragged about it in an article published in Time magazine. They revealed the plot and patted themselves on the back for it.

Saved My Eye

Were they justified? When you want your candidate to win so badly you will cheat it can’t be justified. When you’re willing to violate the Constitution to have your candidate win it can’t be justified.

Tucker is right. It should pique everyone’s interest. The Dems and their media went overboard to stop any discussion of it, even attacking freedom of speech. Now,according to Biden’s DOJ, it’s a crime to question the 2020 election and their FBI is free to violate your civil rights.

BIDEN RALLY. How many lids did his campaign have over the course of the race in 2020?

Biden got 81 million votes? More of the black vote than Obama? If you believe that chances are you are one of those people who fell for the Russia Collusion lie.