Twisted Video Surfaces Of The Biden Family (Ep. 1799) – The Dan Bongino Show

I never miss an episode of Bongino on Rumble but i have missed posting a couple episodes i watched so i will be posting those sometime today.The same is true for the Mark Levin radio show. i haven’t missed a single one but i have missed posting a number of them. Sometimes the embed code for the rewind is hard to come by either on Rumble or You Tube. Speedy News was doing a fantastic job of posting conservative podcasts as well as Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Life, Liberty and Levin on Sundays but for some reason Speedy vanished on You Tube. Maybe censorship? Don’t know but i’ll try catch up as soon as possible depending on whether i can find a full show or not. JuJubot (You Tube) is my go to for a live stream;the problem is once the live stream is over the videos are removed immediately and show up here as unavailable. i had been posting them but there’s no point when they disappear almost as quickly as i put them up.

Twisted Video Surfaces Of The Biden Family (Ep. 1799) – The Dan Bongino Show

I’ve never seen a reaction as stupid as the one to the Supreme Court ruling on Roe V Wade

Does the left have any comprehension skills or are they simply reactionary? i ask for a reason because their reaction to the justices ruling on Roe V Wade is bizarre (to say the least).

Here is what the Supreme Court ruling came down to;

Abortion is not a right mentioned in the Constitution. Not explicitly or implicitly.

It’s just not there. Never has been. Our God given big R rights are there iincluding the right to keep and bear arms.

So what does the Constitution say about rights that AREN’T enumerated in the Constitution and given to the Federal government.? They go to the states and the states can pass their own laws.

You would have thought the Supreme Court had ruled on abortion. It did not. It gave back to the states the power they should have had in the first place. The truth is many states had already passed laws re abortion.The Supreme Court ruling has no bearing on those laws. NONE. So why the lunacy?They’ve doxed the justices, showed up at their homes (against the law . i don’t care what Alan Dershowitz says), harassed and threatened them. They’ve openly called for the assassination of Justice Thomas. They’re talking about packing the court and eliminating the filibuster. I realize they are that violent but i didn’t think they could be that stupid.The court said they-that is the 9 justices- didn’t have the authority to rule on abortion. They said hands off so to speak.
The left lost their minds. Does it make any sense? What if the court had said the right to life is a right protected by the Constitution and decided abortion should be illegal? I’m telling you these people are loons. You can’t even reason with them.

Don’t believe this? Here’s just one of many.

i can’t tell you how many times i heard a news announcer claim that the right to an abortion was overturned with the Supreme Court Decision.

WRONG. There was never a right to an abortion. You can comb through the whole Constitution you will never find it because it’s not there. The decision on abortion law was left to the state,. because it is not delegated to the federal government. Big difference. The left doesn’t seem to understand this so let’s break it down as simple as possible for them. If you live in a blue state that permits abortion up until the moment of birth or after (infanticide)you will be able to get an abortion there during any trimester up to the moment of birth or after. Nothing changed. If you live in a state that had restrictions those restrictions apply including a ban. Nothing changed there either. If you don’t like the abortion laws in your state vote for people who will support your point of view or move to a state that does, depending on how important the issue is to you.

Suggestion: Read the Constitution for comprehension and do some research on the background. It helps.

Again, overturning Roe V Wade did not make abortion illegal.

Keep in mind the media is going to hide any violence the left engages in or they will downplay it as ‘mostly peaceful’ the same way they did in 2020.

copied from Truth Social

Take it to the bank, the left will step up their efforts to kill the unborn. They will go as far as infanticide. i do have a question; why are we funding the government to pay for abortion? i don’t recall taxpayers being forced to pay for our guns.

Now the Supreme Court did uphold the right to keep and bear arms and that is an explicit in the Constitution. In fact it is a strongly worded right. The right to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. For the left i better emphasize the word ARMS. It does not say muskets.