Why We Won’t Have Term Limits For Congress Anytime Soon

The term limit debate hasn’t come up a lot this year-2022. Maybe because the mid terms are going to take place in Nov and we figure we’ll have some new faces then.When the debate does come up there are valid arguments for and against the idea. The fact that we are voting in the mid terms is one of the arguments against it because by our votes we can put limits on how long someone does serve. Honestly when everyone is demanding term limits it seems to apply to everyone else’s candidates but our own. It’s one of the main reasons the debate goes nowhere. The demand vanishes as quickly as Biden when he might face a legitimate question from the press. i have been in the chorus for term limits myself and then let it go as well. Frankly, i probably didn’t feel it was that big an issue.An issue,yes. A major one, no.

i did recognize the valid arguments against it though. They made sense. How do i feel about it now?

Totally FOR and i don’t care how valid the arguments are on the other side. We have to be able to get rid of the rinos quickly or they get a chance to do more damage. We rarely get new faces. The longer people are in, the more of a chance they get to consolidate the power they might be seeking. There are people who weren’t seeking power when they were elected then they get sucked into the swamp given enough time. It would be great if we could keep the good ones and take out the trash but it doesn’t seem to work out that way. One of the arguments against limits is that the candidates wouldn’t have enough time to get the experience they need. They wouldn’t have enough time to get sucked into the swamp either. Some of the people in Congress have had plenty of time to get experience and they’re no more useful now than when they first got there.McConnell ended up as leader. He’s been there forever. They keep voting him in. He’s no more useful now than when he first got there and now he’s worse.

We can make the term a reasonable amount of time. Some of these people stay put until the day they die. i’m sorry but that’s a ridiculous amount of time and proves the point; having a vote every so often just puts the incumbents back in, rinos and all. How many of them work to really earn the vote? They don’t show up until they are up for re-election and if they’re McConnell sycophants they get the buck.

I say now is the time for term limits then we can focus the debate on how long the term should be.

I just can’t see any good reason to continue the way we have been. We’ll all be glad to see the new MAGA faces in Nov. We’ll probably be stuck with some fake ones too. We do have some warriors. You can count those on one hand. Jim Jordan, Marsha Blackburn, MTG, Matt Gaetz come to mind immediately. Jim has it right. Do What We Said We Would Do. I remember when Newt Gingrich brilliantly put out his Contract for America. Do What We Said We Would Do would be an excellent starting point for the 2022 mid terms. Tell the American people what you stand for and what you will actually do is a winning message. Too many Republicans don’t stand much. They’re too good at bending over. Thank God for the few good people we have and that MAGA will give us reinforcements. Meantime, can we please bring up term limits again and this time INSIST on it? If you want to wait until after the mid terms then talk it over- suppose that’s fine too. Maybe the upcoming midterms will be a game changer.i have the funny feeling it’s not going to be all that different from previous years. Nothing wrong with a wait and see approach. After that though, all bets are off. Unfortunately the title rings true. We will not have term limits anytime soon for all the reasons that were mentioned. Same argument, different day until it finally sinks in.