What Were They Thinking in Alabama & Georgia? (The Republican Primaries)

It would be nice to know. Could anyone explain these elections?

In Georgia they had a fantastic candidate in Vernon Jones. He was Trump endorsed but even without the Trump endorsement Jones was a fantastic candidate in his own right. They voted for the RINO Governor’s endorsement instead. In fact, the vote was overwhelming for Mike Collins who routed Jones. A shame. America First [here] was 100% supporting a Jones win.

Now in Alabama,oddly enough, the opposite was true. Mo Brooks was by far the better candidate and Trump pulled his endorsement for Mo and gave it to the McConnell backed candidate Karen Ritt. She’s a horrible candidate and it’s beyond me why Trump would back her though he pulled the endorsement of Mo. Mo made 1 mistake but i felt it wasn’t worth tossing him out for. So in one instance i had hoped the Trump endorsed candidate would win-Vernon Jones in Georgia and in the other instance hoped people would back Mo Brooks over the Trump endorsed Ritt. She’s going to be a disaster in Congress should she win but at least Trump will get the gist of trusting some people too much is a bad idea. I think someone gave him poor advice. I wish they’d quit doing that-he needs a team who will do thorough research and give him informed advice. i support Trump and can’t wait to vote for him in 2024. A few disagreements isn’t a deal breaker by a long shot. Keep in mind that he’s had one of the best records on endorsements of any former or current President. The left will blow his few losses out of proportion and overlook his historic record.

 i also think it’s important to mention that Georgia utilizes an OPEN PRIMARY
 system, in which registered voters do not have to be members of a party to vote in that party’s primary. Whoever dreamed up this idea needs their head examined. What it does is give the OPPOSING PARTY the opportunity to vote for a beatable candidate for them. It works to their advantage and gives none to the primary party that’s running. A real bad idea that needs eliminated asap.Why would a Republican primary want Democrat voters? Makes no sense. If a Democrat supports the Republican agenda and honestly wants to vote Republican they can always switch party’s,right?

It may be what happened in Georgia or Vernon Jones was summarily rejected by their voters. It has to be one or the other. i wish i knew. Anyone have the skinny please comment.

I feel badly for Jones and Brooks both. Jones is a good man. He’s a huge Trump supporter and actually had the courage to switch party’s. Brooks has a stellar conservative record and other than the one disagreement with Trump was a HUGE Trump supporter. Mo’s record alone should have won the day.

Ritt was supported by the man Trump calls the old crow and I consider one of the leaders of the uniparty. Mitch was a backstabber when Trump was in office. In fact i think it safe to say he never really backed Trump. Mitch loathed the Tea Party but didn’t think it beneath himself to use them to get elected. I don’t have the time of day for Mitch and the fact he backed Ritt is not a good sign. She’ll turn out to be a RINO but better her than a Democrat. We can keep an eye on her and as soon as she starts screwing up we can get someone to challenge her next time around. If we have a red wave 1 or 2 RNO’S won’t matter as much. You get a better leader than Mitch we can keep the RINO’S honest. Real leadership in Congress is critical, especially with Biden in office.