I’ve been reluctant to get into this topic but now may be the time

When Trump was in the oval office he was an everyday topic and sometimes the headline. Now Biden fits that bill because it comes with the office. These days though we have social media as a work around. Trump learned quickly if you can’t get your message out via the normal cable news networks you go to Twitter.

The office of the President is sometimes a megaphone,sometimes a bullpulpit and occasionally a soap box to ‘rally the troops’ during a crisis. ie the 9/11 attack, the war in Iraq, the collapse of the housing market. However, it always goes through the filter of the media. The President can have his say but it’s going to go through the cable news networks and newsprint as it makes its way to the public.

Every President determines how much time he is going to give to the pressers as they’re called and how much access he is wiling to give them(reporters). It’s so important that the President appoints a press secretary to communicate through. In our contemporary culture the secretary has taken on a significant role. He or she earns a notoriety just by virtue of being appointed a press secretary.

Now we’re going to talk about the Trump presidency and how all this played out during his first term in office. We all know the media is the propaganda arm of the Democrat party. They really took that role seriously when Trump was running and finally elected. They were so corrupt he started referring to them as fake news. The more he attacked them, the more intensified their attacks became; it never stopped him. He would go around them on Twitter.It took on a life of its own. Some people called them ‘mean’ tweets until the term became part of the narrative about him specifically.If you walked up to a perfect stranger and asked them what they thought of mean tweets the first words that would come out of their mouth would be Donald Trump.He would also speak directly to the people through his rallies.The tweets were brutally honest. i wouldn’t call them mean. Trump made it clear he was not going to take their attacks lying down. The Democrats and media were not accustomed to that kind of Republican/conservative. The Republicans were not accustomed to that kind of Republican either.

Several critical things happened during the 2020 race and immediately following the election.Trump lost the megaphone and bully pulpit of the oval office. He was banned on social media. The twitter ban made the news. Big tech helped the Democrats by making sure he wouldn’t have any means of communication.

They banned the Biden laptop scandal before the election. They banned Trump for questioning the legitimacy of the 2020 election.

When the 45th President left DC there were no open lines of communication for him and he was no longer the CEO of U.S. policy.

The focus would now be Biden. He had the megaphone and bully pulpit of the oval office. What he did would matter and make the news.

When you no longer hold office you are naturally sent to the sidelines. It’s the way it works. Former Presidents eventually decide how loudly they will speak from the sidelines but they’re really at the mercy of the situation. Some are more effective than others but we have to remember the conservative former Presidents have to get through a hostile filter and for Trump this is especially true.

In the case of another Republican who is actually holding office-even if it’s not the office of President-they also have a megaphone and bully pulpit. They may not be as loud and visible as the one that goes with the oval office but it’s better than being on the sidelines as a former President. They directly affect policy and pass legislation. They may be on the side of or in opposition to the occupant of the Oval office so that means they are naturally going to make the news and maybe even a few headlines. i’m not saying any of this is bad or good. It’s just reality. I have the feeling the opinion i’m going to express next is not going to go over well. It’s the topic i wanted to build up to.

Pres Trump is going to run again. He has not made a formal announcement due to campaign rules.He’s dropped plenty of hints short of the formal announcement. i believe he is holding off until the mid terms are out of the way. i believe that would be perfect timing but anytime he announces would be fine with me-as long as he does. Now i hear rumblings of challengers for the nominee. In fact, i’ve heard a handful of people suggest we’d be better off with someone other than Trump. What we don’t need here is a rivalry. It sounds like something the left would get percolating. After the disastrous Biden presidency i wonder that any Democrat could win and it surely wouldn’t be Biden himself. What do they have for a strategy other than divide and conquer? If they can get the Trump supporters at each others throats they’d at least stand a chance. It hasn’t been a large number of people but ideas on social media can metastasize quickly. The Democrats are pros at divide and conquer strategies.Black vs White, Rich vs Poor, Masculinity vs Feminism etc. They pigeon hole people into groups and pit them against each other.

The name i hear most frequently for a challenger is DeSantis.
In fact i don’t hear any other possible candidates. The argument goes like this; Trump was a great
President but we need to move or Trump was a great President but DeSantis would be Trump without the baggage. I for one am not tossing Trump overboard and i definitely take issue with the idea that he has baggage. My biggest issue is that i would not vote for DeSantis for several reasons and one of those is that he strikes me as an opportunist. There are people who advance in life through opportunity and then there are opportunists. There’s a difference. The opportunist takes advantage of people and situations especially when the other person is having difficulties. DeSantis is a good governor. I will give you that. I have never said he wasn’t but good Governors don’t necessarily mean good Presidents. Why would we take that for granted?

Trump was a great President and his background makes him particularly suited to work on economic issues-and remarkably he wasn’t too shabby with foreign policy issues. He was good at making deals to benefit the American people. Deals were his forte in the private sector. Trump earned a 2nd term and was cheated out of it. For that reason alone he should be the candidate in 24. The governorship and presidency are 2 different entities.What DeSantis [or any governor for that matter]has to deal with is not on par with what a President has to deal with.Trump had plenty to deal with as we know. DeSantis is filling the void the Trump departure left. It was not a normal departure. The powers that be made sure of that. Once the Democrats and their allies got Trump out of the way, DeSantis was in a position to step into that space. He could grab the news. He could get the headlines. He could directly affect policy and sign bills into law. Unfortunately Trump can’t do any of that right now. He has a few more months before he can go into campaign mode again. When that happens he’ll be making headlines and getting news coverage for good or ill.

DeSantis is grabbing the headlines for the simple reason he can.

I don’t dislike Gov DeSantis. He’s done a fantastic job as Florida’s Governor but i am not interested in supporting him for President. In fact i’m not interested in a Trump-DeSantis ticket either. I would like to see Pres Trump nominate Jim Jordan of Ohio for VP.

Jordan has never ran for President. i consider that a plus. i don’t know of too many swamp creatures who haven’t had an interest in a possible run. Jordan’s not one of those. He has always brought 100% to the House.

He’s very loyal to Pres. Trump & not taking advantage of the situation. i can’t tell you how many times i’ve heard Jim stand up for Trump including the statement he made he wants Trump to come back in 24. Some Republicans figured with Trump out of the way they had a shot. Again, that’s not Jordan. He genuinely hopes Trump will run. Jim is one ferocious warrior too. He lives by his own motto-“do what we said.” He believes they have an obligation in Congress to represent and fight for the interests of the people that put them there. i’ve followed Jim for a long time. He’s the real deal.He’d be an awesome pick for Trump’s VP. i don’t doubt for a second had he been in Mike Pence’s shoes back in 2020 he would have had the courage to do the right thing.

i see DeSantis as taking advantage of the void Trump has been forced into. Trump is not stupid though. He’s endorsed MAGA candidates and rallied for them. He’s been putting out relevant statements on Truth Social to keep in touch with his base. Once he can announce he will.For now he’s in a difficult position and doing all he can to keep lines of communication open. The Democrats,their media and big tech used raw power to shut him down and to a certain extent they were successful. BTW, Trump’s endorsements have a solid track record.Obama probably wishes he had done as well as Trump.The Democrat candidates are probably hoping Biden stays away. It’s an odd situation with the Dems. Their policies have been terrible for the country but they can’t run away from them either. All they can do is try to distract. They will never give them up no matter how much of a failure they are-they just don’t want anyone to notice. It’s a bizarre combination. They are trying to introduce marxist economics into a capitalist country. They are trying to tear down our institutions and shred the Constitution. If they can get people to doubt the institutions they used to count on ie the FBI Marxism gets a toe in the door. Defund the police wasn’t just a novel idea they wanted to test. They knew what the end result would be. A high crime rate is what you get when Soros prosecutors let hardened criminals back on the streets and the Biden cabal looks the other way at violent riots.

Side note:It’s not that the FBI hasn’t become corrupt either but we know who corrupted it.More on THAT topic another day because the next President may have to dismantle the agency totally.

Trust me, they are trying to crash the U.S. economy. Yes, the appointments by Biden are people who are ignorant of the field and incompetent but there’s no way on earth they could be stupid enough not to know what is going on. Biden deliberately picked these people because they lacked competence; or whoever is pulling Biden’s strings picked them for that reason.They just need to place the blame elsewhere. Biden shits blame constantly. One day it’s Putin, the next it’s the oil companies, the day after it might be Trump-as long as it’s not Biden.They want to be able to pull off these policies then shift blame for the results.By the time the useful idiots figure it out-if they ever do-it will be too late.

Pres Trump, teamed with someone like Jim Jordan, is the only person who will be able to revive what’s left of our country.We have to be sure we give him solid MAGA people in Congress, with a majority, so when he does win back the White House he has the support he didn’t have in his first term. Pence was a safe pick the first time. He was milk-toast. There wasn’t a huge pool of people to pick from either. Trump had the GOPe to deal with as well as unscrupulous Dems. Pence kept the GOPe at bay. When it came down to having a spine in the 11th hour Pence folded and for all we know was an opportunist himself. Jim Jordan is not the kind of person who is going to fold under any circumstances.

His biography as pulled from Wikipedia. Edited here to ensure accuracy.

Jordan is a founding member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, serving as its first chair from 2015 to 2017, and as its vice chair since 2017. He was the ranking member of the House Oversight Committee from 2019 to 2020. He vacated that position to become the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee.

Jordan is a close ally of former president Donald Trump. During Trump’s presidency, Jordan sought to discredit investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 election and staged a sit-in to prevent a Trump impeachment inquiry hearing over the Trump-Ukraine scandal. After Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election and Trump refused to concede , Jordan supported lawsuits to invalidate the election results and voted not to certify the Electoral College results. He has refused to cooperate with the United States House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack, which subpoenaed him on May 12, 2022.[1][2]

DeSantis bites the easy issues and makes waves. Jordan takes on even the most controversial issues and stands his ground. He’s so unassuming about his own presence you hardly realize he’s there. He’s been fighting the swamp for years though; before we called it the swamp.

i’ll conclude by stating the obvious:

The Dems were corrupt enough to get Biden illegally “elected”

There was no insurrection on Jan 6. Those that violently attacked the police should be condemned but they are also entitled to due process. i would characterize the Capitol scene as a riot.

The coup against Trump had already taken place. The support for Antifa/BLM by Democrats was sedition. Trump had no intention of pulling off a coup. Every action he wanted taken was within the boundaries of the Constitution. Any President-Democrat or Republican-has the right to question election results both publicly and privately. The Democrats have done it for years. It’s only a crime if a Republican does it-or Donald Trump in particular.

DeSantis name comes up because he’s grabbing headlines but he needs to cool his jets a little or start a rivalry and play into the Democrats hands albeit unintentionally.He might be a nice guy-i don’t doubt that for a minute-but he’s also an opportunist. i am convinced Jordan is a real fighter and would be an excellent choice on a Trump-Jordan ticket.

The RINO’S have to go this time.It’s now or never. McConnell is the worst. If it’s a choice between a RINO Republican and Democrat it will have to be the RINO. i can’t believe i’m saying that but the Democrats are Marxist and would support everything Biden is trying to do to the country. You get a solid Republican leader-unlike uniparty McConnell-and he/she might be able to keep the RINO’S in line. We can’t have a RINO Republican leading and expect RINO followers to vote differently.

Jim Jordan would be a fantastic VP on a Trump-Jordan ticket. Now there’s a ticket i could really get behind.

The Dems have to go and the Deep State has to be destroyed. Where Trump can’t speak, we can. No one person can do this alone.

i hope when Trump makes his announcement that DeSantis will do the right thing;am giving him the benefit of the doubt for now. i really hope Trump will pick Jordan. He may not be making waves in the headlines but he’s definitely a full time warrior behind the scenes.