More Spotify Episodes Coming

When WordPress added the Spotify feature i thought it was pretty cool; assuming that not everyone likes to read it would be the ideal way to share blog entries. I decided early on to convert ONLY the entries i had personally written and not take away from all the original authors that were reblogged. This means taking a few extra minutes to sort through all the entries that get imported. It was going well for awhile. You may not have noticed that the spotify feature suddenly disappeared or figured i decided not to use it anymore. Not quite. My husband and i both had covid. Fortunately we recuped. It wasn’t too long after that though i injured my leg-not sure how-and ended up in a wheelchair. It should have healed by now but hasn’t. i’m still in a wheelchair and it’s a royal pain. My husband’s son and grandson were coming up for a visit this month too. He spends his vacation time here with dad every year. He got a week off for this visit; the longest time he’s been able spend with dad. The best part is he was here for Father’s day. Worked out nicely. However, anything i do takes more effort and by the time the day wraps up i’ve had it.

The heatwave about killed me but we got a cool down. i understand it ends Tuesday and we’re going into another heatwave but they say the humidity won’t be as bad. i still don’t think this is going to be much fun no matter how low the humidity is. i can take the cold. Heat, not so much. In part because i have menneire’s disease and MILD copd. No, i am not on oxygen but i do use an inhaler as needed. Heat makes it worse. Bottom line; this has not been a good month to have the free time i normally have. i just imported the blog entries and they total 600 plus. It’s going to take time to go back and see if there are any entries i want to convert. i’m also on truth social, twitter,parler, gettr and mewe. i know mewe isn’t that well known but it’s a really cool platform. i only started on Truth Social recently since they only recently made it compatible with a desktop browser but am tickled pink. It’s a fantastic platform and Pres Trump is there!

If you’re there please look me up @ultramaga_boomer and give a follow. Will follow back!

Twitter never changes. Same liberal nonsense as always.

The good part is,since Elon is taking over*, some conservative hashtags have actually trended. i can remember not too long ago when the only hashtags and topics that trended were liberal. Still like Truth Social better. The platform has it over on twitter. To me it’s like a combo of Facebook/Twitter.

Anyway, to the point,i am going to try to catch up the spotify episodes and eventually will be adding my own voice rather than the spotify audio that is available. Need a mic and we’re good to go!

Let me know if you prefer reading or audio. Your input would be appreciated. Meanwhile am hoping to be out of the wheelchair and mobile with a walker.

Hope everyone is prepared for the heatwave. We have till Tues. Will see if either Ryan Hall or N8 Snyder have any forecasting information i can pass on to ya’.

*last we knew,right? The story keeps changing.