Donald Trump: 4 years, 1 clown, and 25 achievements for the American circus

the real clown now occupies the White House but he is not the legit President-Trump is. Unfortunately his installation is good for 2 more years. i think we can make it. We’re no longer MAGA-we’re ULTRA MAGA and we’re determined.

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America has a clown.The guy is good at comedy.Daft.Freaky sometimes.But he is the voice, in the middle of society is a big circus.I’m not talking about the famous Joker Arthur Fleck in Gotham City, but I’m talking about a president of a democratic America.Donald Trump.For years, people called him “the clown” in the White House.Never before has the image of an American president been so indiscriminately spread hate by the media.They use the most disgusting words to describe Trump.They cursed like delirium over his every word and action.But it is he who, despite the ridicule, is the clown who rips through American politics, unmasks all politicians hiding in the guise of democracy, and exposes the monsters lurking in the swamp.So he was hated, even hated.But if you ignore the blind love and hate, what remains in you about the things Agent Orange has done in the past four…

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