(925) 🚨Severe Weather Outbreak Possible🚨 with Several Tornadoes, Extreme Hail, Hurricane Force Gusts? – YouTube Have Your Plan & Be Ready!

(925) 🚨Severe Weather Outbreak Possible🚨 with Several Tornadoes, Extreme Hail, Hurricane Force Gusts? – YouTube

Later on today, most likely this evening i’m going to be posting a live stream of storm coverage. 

For now, a few things to add here. 

Please,if you don’t have a plan in case of a tornado get one together now.

Pick your safe space. A basement/shelter is best but a 2nd choice would be a bathroom or closest with no windows with as many walls between you and the tornadic  activity as possible. 

Have  handy:

helmets if you have any, flashlight with charged battery, fully charged cell phone if you have one. A Weather Radio or some way to get alerts. We have a midland NOAA weather radio. i’m not promoting this for compensation. Get whatever brand you like and can afford but i’ve been very satisfied with this Midland. They’re not necessarily expensive either. What matters is that you can get alerts. 

If you’re in a mobile home have arrangements to go to a better place. Talk to a friend or family member who has a house or apartment who is willing to let you shelter there till it’s over. Do NOT stay in your mobile home and be sure tp eave ample time to travel to the other site!

Do not be in your vehicle. Whatever you may need get it before the weather is going to move in even if that means the night before. 

Keep in mind that you may only have minutes maybe seconds to get to your safe space.

If you have em, use em. Helmets or pillows/mattress. What you want to do is keep your head covered.

Wear shoes. If the tornado strikes remember there is going to be debris and shoes will prevent injuty.

We not only have flashlights-we also have a first aid kit. Can’t hurt and they can come in handy for household accidents too.

Stay in place till the authorities give you an all clear. 

Don’t be scared, be prepared. Don’t live in fear but don’t be cavalier either.

i know the weather men and ladies are often wrong-the technology for storm prediction and tracking has 

improved a lot over the years.They have become more accurate but weather is a funny thing. It depends on so many variables that it’s not always exact. Keep in mind though;they only have to be right once so take the watches, warnings seriously. Become weather aware.  I check with the storm prediction center every day.


A perfectly beautiful day can get ugly very quickly so having a heads up will keep you from being taken by surprise.