Gun Control Laws: for the liberal reader

A criminal is a person who commits a crime or crimes. A crime is an illegal act. An illegal act is an act that breaks the law. Therefore, criminals are people who break the law(s).

Murder is morally wrong. Murder is also against the law. It’s known as homicide. People commit murder every day. They are criminals. They do not care about the laws against murder-they care about not getting caught.An assault weapon can be a gun, a knife, a bomb, a baseball bat or death by no weapon at all. When you use a weapon to assault a person and the intent is injury or death it’s an assault weapon. It’s against the law. So if you think a criminal is going to go in for a background check to purchase a LEGAL weapon you are dreaming. Criminals may be callous, evil or viscous but they’re not that stupid.

You can pass 1 gun law or 50. You can take all the guns away from LAW ABIDING citizens-people who are not criminal and obey the law-and criminals will still get guns. They won’t be doing any background checks to get them. They don’t care about your gun laws.

Every time there is a mass shooting the debate goes right to gun control and Congress tries to pass another law for criminals to ignore.We never solve the problem. We don’t protect the children. We’re shocked when there is another mass shooting. We waste precious time on the gun control debate.How about we end the debate now and focus on ways to protect our children before there is another mass shooting.

When i was a youngster none of us ever worried about being killed in school. We’d have thought people were crazy if they ever thought such a thing could happen. It never happened and had nothing to do with gun control. How could anything change this rapidly and drastically in 50 yr? It’s hard to wrap my head around it. I will say this, gun control laws are a danger to the law abiding. It’s obvious why they won’t work to protect the innocent.

We can spend time & study the root causes of gun violence and criminal behavior; meantime we must protect the innocent and not waste a minute.