“Trump is not God” so the Bloomberg headline reads

Anyone recall anyone ever saying he was? What a silly way to headline an opinion piece. The rest of the piece misses the mark by miles but it’s trying to create a narrative. The media is always trying to create a narrative and it seldom comports with the truth. They keep trying though. You have to give them credit for tenacity(that’s about it too).

I will say this for the President, meaning Trump, he protected our God given big R rights.

If you don’t understand what that means then you have no idea what the office of the President is about.

Trump was a personality. There’s nothing to argue there. He was the main attraction of a popular reality tv show, the Apprentice. It may sound strange but i never watched it. Not so much as one episode,but i do recall it being very popular and Trump being popular himself based on the success of the show. His trademark was “you’re fired” and even i knew that. He was a frequent guest on the talk shows of that time. He did cameo appearances in movies. Seems like everyone loved the Donald then but he wasn’t running for office either. You could call it a cult of personality which is true of most popular television and movie celebrities-anyone in the entertainment industry is basically a cult of personality. When you’re running for office name recognition doesn’t hurt. When nobody knows who you are it makes it difficult to get traction unless something makes you stand out. The name recognition did not hurt Trump when he ran. He didn’t have to tell people who he was. He did have to convince people he was a credible candidate though. Name recognition can cut both ways.

When his campaign became serious he was no longer a cult of personality. i don’t know who actually wrote this piece in Bloomberg but they seemed to think that was one of the main points. They missed the boat. Trump was the first Republican to have the spine to stand up to the media,the Republican establishment and the Democrats. Most Republican candidates eventually buckled under the first attack. Not Trump. He dished it right back every time they dished it out. Some people didn’t like that. They considered him brash, probably obnoxious. Most of us thought it was about time. Republicans are supposed to roll over and settle for compromise. Not Trump.

The first time he said the words FAKE NEWS he gained my support. They’re way beyond fake though. They’re liars.
We had to endure 3 yrs of the Russia Collusion lie and the knowledge that the truth was being hidden. Trump said he was wire tapped. The media went into a frenzy and painted him as crazy. He may not have had the term right but the truth was he was spied on both as a candidate and as President. Any of the treasonous bastards held accountable? Not one.

I will agree with the Bloomberg point that he started a political movement. It’s not the branding that got it started. It was the principles of the movement and his standing up for them that made MAGA so powerful. The principles of MAGA were our principles. It was the voice of many people finally being heard through Trump. He was right. It wasn’t him they were after,it was us. He was just standing in their way. They can’t have that. One of the highlights of the movement was when Hillary labeled us deplorables. She should never have done that. We adopted it. Biden called us Ultra Maga. He hasn’t learned a thing from Hillary’s experience. We now wear the Ultra Maga label with pride. It’s my personal badge of honor.

The article went on to point out-highlight-the few endorsements that did not go over well. They failed to point out how many endorsements were in the win column. He knew that’s how the media would report it. Ignore the winners, highlight the losers. Come Nov they are all getting my support over any Democrat.

The article went on to point out-highlight-the few endorsements that did not go over well. They failed to point out how many endorsements were in the win column. He knew that’s how the media would report it. Ignore the winners, highlight the losers. Come Nov. they are all getting my support over any Democrat. There’s one or two i’m going to keep an eye on and hold their feet to the fire.I do trust Trump’s instincts most of the time. When you look back at some of the statements he made the media deemed propostrous that turned out be right in the end is remarkable. So he had a few endorsements that were off; i believe he used his best judgement and in the end he might be proven right. Hard to say but he made them in good faith. In some cases you can only hope they don’t end up being disappointments.

I’m voting Trump in 24. When Trump is gone [the day will come] the MAGA movement will go on.Bloomberg was right on that count. Trump is its leader but it will continue exist well beyond his presidency. Reagan inspired a whole generation of young conservatives. i can see Trump is doing the same thing inspiring a whole generation of future patriots.

I’m not touching on any policies here. i don’t believe i have to. i can name the main things Trump stood for-it would take me longer to outline his accomplishments.

Trump stood for protecting the Constitution, the border, our gun rights and life from conception to natural death. Trump stood for low taxes and less regulation; getting the boot of the government off our backs. He stood for made in the USA and energy independence. He wanted to raise all boats to put it simply.

Above all else he did not want the U.S. to be beholden to China and that made him the enemy of the swamp and the Deep State. Joe’s in their back pocket. We were warned. The MAGA people understood that. The Biden supporters didn’t and don’t care anyway. We’ll win. He’ll win. We’re on the right side of history.

I happen to be one of the Trump supporters who is convinced Trump won in 2020 and Joe was installed. i know there are some Republicans who think that it’s a conspiracy and we should just move on. They’re free to hold that opinion.We’re all Trump supporters regardless. I wonder if they couldn’t tell me that, at the least, they thought something was fishy about the 2020 election too. For some reason they drew a different conclusion.

I respect Trump. i don’t worship him. i agree with him 99.9% of the time,just not 100% of the time about every single thing. He’s earned my vote for 24. i’m not budging.
He won in 2020.i have no doubt in my mind. NONE.

The headline is right. Trump is not God but he was a great President and he is STILL my President.

BTW. If you want to see a President who was treated like a god go back and look at the plethora of magazine covers that portrayed Obama as close to a messiah as you can get. i would never want President Trump to be portrayed like Obama was. A great President, ABSOLUTELY. Trump deserves it.. He earned it. A messiah, NO!