President Trump’s 2 MOST Revealing Moments (imho)

it was at the recent Trump rally in Pa. Pres Trump played a video clip of Joe Biden’s mental decline. It’s the look on his face after the clip is played. You can see in his face the disappointment not for himself but for the country knowing Biden was in no condition to be President. He’s probably thinking what he could have accomplished in a 2nd term. He looks near tears but holds back. I know how tough people think Trump if but this has to cut deeply. How Biden can even stay in office is beyond me but as long as the media and their corrupt partners carry the water for him nobody is going to do a damned thing.

Here is the clip:

I’ve never seen President Trump with such a, for lack of a better way of putting it, tortured look on his face.One minute sad, the next angry,somewhat pensive.He usually keeps it up beat and has an air of determination and optimism.

The clip is sad and devastating.

There was a 2nd time Trump showed more of his interior self but i can’t seem to find that particular clip.My fault. i took too long to get back to the draft and never wrote down the information i needed.

However, i will post what i believe to be one of his best speeches and here he seems subdued and somber compared to most of his speeches. i’ll see if i can locate the speech i wanted to use to make this point but the NRA speech is revealing enough and may make the point just as well.

It’s the speech Biden should have given but again failed us. You can tell President Trump is upset about the shooting in Texas and the horrible loss of life. Like we all are. i don’t have to tell you how affected we were that day.